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The joy of having your best friends experience motherhood for the first time is something that cannot be replicated. My two closest companions had their babies this past year, and I am so excited because now they “get it”—the life-changing transformation from 0 to 2 months old in less than three years! For as long as I can remember (and not just recently), all my single ladies friend were talking about being pregnant or giving birth but never both at once...

It has been so great hearing their “new mom realizations” over the past year. Which brought me back to when I was just starting out as well, with all those crazy thoughts going through my head and feeling like an expert in nothing at all!


1.Who knows? I wasted so much time before kids.

– After having kids, I realized that the only time in my day where there were no interruptions was when sleeping. It didn't take long for this phase of laziness and neglect to set into place as soon as breastfeeding started!
I should have dieted before getting pregnant because then all these extra pounds would've come off easier than they did after giving birth with two small children at home who needed lots of calories every single night (and morning).

2. I really don’t need that much sleep.

After having my son, I quickly realized that sleep wasn't as important to me. In the past when there was no choice in the matter and it had always seemed like such an essential part of being healthy or happy-now all these things seem pretty mundane compared with just getting by on less rest than before!

3. I hate my husband!

This can be a tough time for any marriage, but don't give up on your spouse. With sleep deprivation and stress of having new baby in the mix - it might seem like there's no way to make things better! You'll get through this together--you just have faith...

4. Kids are expensive!

I started my new job and was shocked by how much more money is spent on kids than I realized. The first paycheck had a big surprise: diapers cost an arm and leg! doctors visits? all adds up so quickly

5. I miss warm food

When I had kids, the one thing that became apparent to me was how much food tastes better when it's actually cooked and chewed by someone who cares.
The feeling of putting something in your mouth and knowing that you'll be able enjoy every last bite makes all those hours spent making dinner seem worth while!

6. Breastfeeding hurts

There are a few things that you should have known about breastfeeding, but maybe didn't. It's not as simple of putting the baby on your breast and letting them suckle like we all thought! The first thing most people don’t tell new mothers-it hurts really badly at first.. And nobody wanted to say “It gets better!" because who wants their breasts latching times be short? But now I know - these hurtful moments will pass after awhile (and sometimes even faster than expected).

 7. Parenting is hard.

the most difficult thing about having kids isn't the actual tasks, but rather mental strain. There are so many things that can go wrong and you second guess every decision because of it - if your baby is sleeping enough or eating well? What do they need for their age group (month/year). Am I doing everything right as a parent...?

8. I am never getting a moment to myself again.

It can be hard to remember the last time you had some me-time, but as a mommy there is always something that needs attention. Even when my kids were little and now they’re older…I still feel like I never really stop working or caring about their day! It has become easier over these past few years with all of this new knowledge in childcare; however man does it change everything for us moms out here striving towards our dreams while juggling life tasks on top of being good parents.

9. I hate my new body.

The body you're in after pregnancy can be a surprise for many people. Myself, I never really thought about how much my new figure would change from when it was just me before getting pregnant - but then again who knew? The changes are definitely substantial and they took some time to get used too!

10. I can’t believe I am a mom.

When I would look at my son or daughter, all little people in the world to me. It's hard put into words just how grateful and proud that make me feel every day - they are an endless source of joy for myself (and others!). As your kids grow up so does life get easier but never forget what matters most: You're doing amazing mommy!

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