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6 ways to improve your sleep as a new mom

You probably heard about the amount of sleepless nights you will have as a new mom. Or maybe even other moms describe their days feeling like they're walking zombies, constantly fatigue-stoned and never getting enough restful sleep hours in one go! But it doesn't need to be this way - there are ways for us all (even those who work from home) find some time just snooze during these crazy fu
The good news is that I've found out what helps me get back my much needed zzzz's when mine runs low on energy after being awake since before sunrise

1. Delegate your sleep time wisely

It's no surprise that your newborn baby will wake up crying wanting to feed. You should discuss the nighttime feeding with loved ones so you can catch some well-deserved sleep, and one way of doing this is by giving them formula instead if necessary! Postpartum depression often leads people into feeling exhausted - which makes it difficult for moms who have just given birth or recently discharged from hospitalization because they've been hormonal enough without any other medical issues yet--to get their full night’s rest while caring fully over there child at home in addition those things we mentioned above about taking care not only yourself but also others around

2. Take a nap

When your baby sleeping, then you need take a nap too. You might have lots of tasks to do but their naptime isn't the only time for them as well! One way is by getting yourself productive with some things around the house or even tackling others outside while they're busy playing inside- all without having any difficulties falling asleep because good old fashioned snoozing lets us rest our eyes just enough so that next thing we know its feeding/diaper changes time again :)

3. Ask for help

If you're a person who loves tackling every task and has never had trouble sleeping, then it might be needed for some help. Consider hiring someone else to clean the house so that way they can take care of newborns while YOU doze off from time-to-time!

4. Check out other rooming alternatives

If you're currently keeping everyone up at night with your baby's crying, consider looking for an alternative. Put their crib in another room and have them sleep there so that way they can get well-rested during the day while also being monitor by using a video surveillance system such as monitoring via CCTV or Baby Monitor (in case of emergency).

5. Get in the mood for sleep

You can't always sleep when you want, but there are ways to help relax yourself. Try using ear plugs or an eye mask so that your mind has no distractions while the body needs rest in order for more energy levels and calmness before bedtime arrives. Consider changing up his bedroom into something more calming such as adding scented candles which will provide relaxation throughout all hours of darkness!

6. Speak to your healthcare provider

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, ask your healthcare provider about using medication such as Benadryl to help. Your doctor might recommend something stronger if needed just once or more during the week for a good night's sleep!


Conclusion paragraph: We hope you found these sleep-saving tips helpful. The good news is that there are many ways to get better quality and quantity of sleep as a new mom, so don't give up! It's important for the health and well-being of both your baby and yourself. If you're feeling overwhelmed with all this information or just need some help getting started, we recommend Calmamama's organic Sleep drops with Melatonin which will help ease any tension in the body to promote restful dreams. These natural products have been clinically proven safe by pediatricians from around the world for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery periods, PMS symptoms among other uses.* For more information about Calmamama's soothing solutions visit our website at