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Flower essences for babies and kids

At Calm a Mama, we know all about the emotions that take away the calm in our kids. Fears, anxieties, lack of connection, an interrupted routine and problems with transition are just a few of the ways peace of mind can be lost.

These are regular emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances that happen to our kids, as well as to us. 

We asked moms how they were coping...

In response, we have received many DMs, emails and photos from mamas all over America who have discovered and are exploring flower essences. If it's your first time here, simply put: Our botanical drops are organic herbal supplements that naturally shift one’s emotional state from chaos to calm. These floral distillations have been found to bring back the joy, self-love, inspiration and energy that kids need to go about their day to day lives.

What we are even more grateful for is that with this outpouring of love and affirmation that we are getting from moms and dads, we have also been given a first-hand view into how they have created Calm-a-Kid Rituals. 

Our anxiety relief supplements for kids in the form of flower blends can be integrated into a calming ritual, how cool is that?  They have made us smile and we hope they help you also.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Make Your Calm-a-Kid Ritual

Meaningful rituals have a great influence on the flow of the family.

Complementary to rituals are flower essences.

Children typically respond to the positive changes that come with their use even quicker than adults do, and there are several ways to implement them.


Yoga can be combined with meditation to create a peaceful atmosphere. Make it a point to set aside a few minutes and explain to your child that just a few poses are all that is necessary to bring about balance and serenity. Ask them to join you, even just for one pose. Before long, they will be blessed with the benefits and be willing to participate longer.


Designate a corner of the couch where you and your child cuddle and talk. As with yoga, start with short sessions and work towards longer cuddle times where you and your child can talk about the day. This is particularly helpful when discussing fears or anxieties, but is also a wonderful time to chat about the fun of the day.

 Arts and Crafts

As the day goes on, some children become more and more wound up as opposed to slowing down. Have a location in the house where arts and crafts take place. Make sure you have your child’s favorite supplies on hand and create a ritual where, late afternoon, a calming activity can be enjoyed. Lavender infused playdough is one idea.

Many mamas have shared how a dedicated art box or even a crafts corner can be a beautiful ritual that their kid looks forward to - promoting a natural calm at opportune time! You can read more about Marion and her daughet Maisel (pictured above) in our calmamamatribe Hub.

Tech Turn Off

A calming ritual for kids of all ages (and for parents, too), is removing all modes of technology at a specific time every night. This includes every member of the family and all types of media, including television. This is the ideal time to read a book together or listen to soothing music.

 Cut Sugar

Nutrition plays a big part in how our kids act and grow, as you know. Make it a point to cut all forms of sugar (especially added sugars) after a particular hour. Say, 6pm. So it-s ok to have some sugars prior, but certainly not after that time.  This routine benefits everyone and is easily done by offering water as a refreshment (other than nursing babies, of course) and snacking on low sugar foods only, like strawberries and honeydew melon.


Giving your child a gentle massage (if they respond well to touch) is a beautiful calming ritual. Pair the massage with calm drops taken orally, or massaged into the skin as a way to bring compassion and peace to your child. Therapeutic touch yields super results.

 Bath Time

Flower essences are lovely when added to the bath. Although they are scent-free, a few drops in a tub of warm water can affect your child’s energy fields. The physical body feels the balancing effects along with the spiritual, mental and emotional flow.

Many of the mamas in our community share that magic bath time ritual that washes away the stresses of the day, for both mamas and babes!

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing can be very enjoyable. Not only that, instilling the habit in children at a young age will serve them well as adults. Mindful breathing comes in handy before a test or job interview. Any stressful situation can be diffused with breathing techniques done the proper way. It also works to soothe the soul and prepare one for sleep.

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for an organic and all-natural way to soothe your little one, Calmamama has you covered. All of their products are made with flower essences and other natural ingredients, making them perfect for babies and kids of all ages. And if you’re not sure which product is right for your child, the team at Calmamama is happy to help. So why not give them a try today? You may be surprised how well they work!