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How to Be a Happy Mom

Is there anything more satisfying than a happy mom? One who has finally found her groove in motherhood and can't seem to stop smiling even when she's tired. I used to think that other moms were kidding about how challenging it is, but then you see them swooning over their new babies while sleep deprived - really!? It looks like we're not alone after all!

When I first became a mom, the only thing that seemed to work was 8 hours of sleep. Even though it is difficult for me now and sometimes even more so than when we were at our lowest point in those early days with an exhausted body- frequently feeling like there just isn't enough time because you have two small children who need your attention all day long!

How to be a happy mom

It's natural for new mothers to feel down after giving birth. And it doesn't mean anything if you're just feeling a little lost or sad - that’s completely normal! Your doctor will help guide what next steps could take so don't be ashamed of talking about how things are with her, either in person or even over the phone when she calls unexpectedly at 4 am on Monday morning (or whatever).

The joyous moments of motherhood are often tinged with sadness when we think about how much our lives have changed. In order to make the best out this situation, it is important that you talk through your feelings and explore all options available including talking with others who can offer advice or just want someone else’s success story as well!

1. Grieve your expectations

We all have some degree of expectation when it comes to motherhood. It's natural for new parents, in particular those who were not planning on becoming babymakers or whose journey towards parenthood has been long and difficult- sometimes even at odds with what they expected--to feel gratitude towards their situation rather than frustration over challenges that come along side being mommy
When I found out that we were having twins, it made sense why my heart was racing and palms sweating. The idea of managing two small children felt overwhelming at best; there are just too many things to do!

I was on cloud nine when all of this happened, but now I'm back to earth.
Mourn the things that you thought would happen and give yourself time to grieve for what isn't there instead trying not think too much about it or talk around these issues because they need attention!

2. Understand that things do get better

The days when I was irritated by people telling me "it'll get better" are long gone. In fact, these words used to irritate me so much that hearing them felt like an insult - as if they were trying to tell moms like myself how our lives compared with theirs despite their own experiences being different from mine! But now...I know what they meant: We all go through phases where things aren’t perfect; but this too shall pass

Adjusting to motherhood can be challenging. There are no books or classes that prepare you for this role, regardless of how much time your children have spent with other caregivers in their lives before they become mothers themselves!

The first time you took your little one out for a walk and half the park didn't want to let them play, it felt like an accomplishment. But as days turn into months of endless nights with no family fun in sight—you’ll remember those moments when everything seemed so difficult at first because now there are many things that seem simple enough even without help!

3. Change your scenery

You will need some time to rest and recharge after having a baby. During those first crucial weeks and months, you can:

have someone watch the baby while you take a break;
do things that you want or need to do, like resting, taking a shower, or reading a book;
go for a walk outside with the baby; or
stay inside if you feel pressured and are not confident about going out.

4. Don’t feel guilty about how you feel

You'll compare yourself to other moms. Moms who have endless patience for their kids or the right balance between parenthood and their other hobbies, but it's an unfair comparison because we all go through tough times in parenting even when we don't seem like there is anything wrong with us!You have every right to feel sad. It’s hard when you're expecting a baby and then they come into your life, but don't worry because it will pass soon enough! With time comes new found energy for parenting-I promise that if this is even only one of many babies in your lifetime (or someone else's), things won't seem so tough anymore;)

5. Choose to make the best with what you have

To find the positives in any situation, it helps to remember that people are always happier when they have something. So even if you're not happy with your life right now or what has happened recently - there will be some good stuff coming up soon enough! Remember this as an opportunity for self-care and gratitude practice because both can make us feel better about our circumstances despite whatever bad things may happen at first glance

Childhood is a precious and fleeting opportunity to make memories. Sure, you'll face many challenges in life but so too will all of its joys! So use this time with your baby as best we can - nothing needs be set-in-stone because change happens over everything: mindset included."

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