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How to increase feelings of joy during pregnancy

Pregnancy can feel like a roller coaster of emotions, with the highs and lows rolling in. The low point is back pain that feels worse than ever before while the high is hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time; it all quickly changes to another low as nausea takes over again.

Whether it's your first or fourth pregnancy, there are plenty of ways for you boost your mood during gestation.
Pregnancy is an exciting time in the journey towards motherhood and having a little extra pep in your step could make all the difference when it comes down to how much happiness one feels throughout this special period! Here are some tips on increasing feelings of joy:

1. Change your diet to include more calcium, iron, and proteinA healthy diet during pregnancy is essential to the health of both mom and baby. The key nutrient that needs to be included in your diet is calcium, which helps the baby's bones develop properly. Iron also plays a crucial role in fetal development, especially red blood cells. Protein has been shown to help reduce birth weight and gestational diabetes risks for pregnant women. The bottom line: eat right and you'll have a healthier pregnancy!


2. Exercise regularly - walk around the block or do some yoga poses

As soon as you find out that you're pregnant, it's time to start planning for the changes ahead. Eating well and exercising is one of the most important things that you can do during pregnancy. There are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy such as preventing gestational diabetes, reducing your risk of developing high blood pressure or preeclampsia, and helping your baby develop a healthy heart. Exercise will also help with weight gain throughout pregnancy which can lead to more complications in labor. The best thing about getting regular exercise is that it has been proven to be beneficial for both mom and baby!
Exercise regularly - walk around the block or do some yoga during pregnancy

3. Find ways to de-stress - take time for yourself every day, get enough sleep,

Pregnancy is a time when many women experience high levels of stress, but there are ways to combat it. One way is by getting enough sleep. It's important for both mom and baby! Here are some tips on how to get more restful sleep during pregnancy:
-Avoid caffeine in the evening – this includes chocolate and soda, as well as coffee and tea.Keep your bedroom dark and cool,Do something relaxing before bedtime such as reading or listening to music.

4. Get involved in a childbirth education class or read up on what labor feels like so that you're not surprised when it happens!

Labor is an intense experience and one that you want to be prepared for. You can read up on what labor feels like, find a childbirth education class in your area, or use these tips from Women’s Health: Go to the hospital early so they have time to process paperwork and get you all settled. Bring along a playlist of your favorite songs as well as snacks (watermelon, applesauce, almonds) if you feel hungry. Pack your bag with clothes that are comfortable—remember it's going to be hard work! And don't forget lip balm!

5.Spend time with loved ones

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, but also stress. It can be difficult to balance the needs of work with those of your growing family.  As you prepare for baby's arrival, it's important to remember that your loved ones are there to support you too! Spend some time this week doing something new with Dad, or spending quality time with friends and siblings. You'll feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes next in your pregnancy journey.

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