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Motherhood is hard and often anything but transparent. #mamaselfie is a project to collect the honest reflections of mothers on their journeys.  We begin with a collection of interviews that ask hard questions. 

Each woman who has been invited to share is a powerhouse.  The questions are intense and triggering. However, they acknowledge that their stories are very important to the community of women who will be reading them. We no longer live in a time where we will meet by the stream.  So, instead, we claim  this virtual space with words of meaning and stories of important depth.

As I walk my own children to school, some times each step is painfully anguished.  I suffer from oftentimes debilitating anxiety, although you might not see it written on my smiling face.  We never know how loudly someone’s inner voice might be screaming, and that can make us feel individually alone.

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