2016 Small Biz Gift Guide

Over on Facebook there have been wonderful lists of small businesses that we can choose to support during holiday season.  I was so inspired that I threw this simple list together. (Oh and shopped, of course.)

Each of the businesses is run by an independent maker or makers.  They do things like design products, make them, create marketing materials, build websites, run advertising campaigns, hire people, keep track of income and expenses and so much more.  

This shopping season, please consider doing a portion of your shopping with small business – and don't forget to  check out the folks below:

If you simply can't settle down.  Oh wanderlust.
The word elixir comes to mind.  Support your tastebuds and your health.
This hat is opposite my personality.  And I love it.
You guys all know I am a guerilla gardener at heart right?  Now you can be too.
Go stack rocks. And wear them.
Because flowers.  It's not winter, on your neck.
A fresh start is always welcome.  So smudge it
Often simple is best.  Put this on.
I don't drink, but I do eat.  Now I eat beer too.

And your holiday stress could all disappear with Cheer, a limited edition restorative winter tincture by yours truly, with packaging by Sarah Rainwater Design. And, it is on SALE for 25% off while supplies last.  So go ahead and get a few.

 Happy Holidays,