Simple Everyday Self Care For Mamas

We know, we know, you just don’t have time. You are overwhelmed and it is hard. And there is so much. You wish there was more time for you. DO ONE THING TO MAKE LIFE BETTER. 

I read a self care bullet list online and coffee spews out of my nose as I laugh and cry at once.  Meditate for 60 minutes per day. Sleep at least eight consecutive hoursEat 6 healthy small meals per day.  Yes, yes, this IS my dream life!  But HA!  I could no more achieve this then… well, let’s not go there.

Instead of focusing on all the stuff we don’t have time to do (I too am guilty of that one, don’t worry) I wanted to makea list of achievable things that I can do to support my own waxing and waning wellbeing.

Mothering is tough stuff.  But it’s not that simple.  Yes, kids are a lot of work, but more than that, it is squeezing all that you are as a person into very tight spaces.  There’s often not enough mama to go around. (Can I get a hells YES here as my two kids fight over who gets to sit on which part of MY body).

There is always something else I could do, or put first. But here are three things I do anyway.


Before you do too much else in the morning, and before you eat or drink anything. Do it. A full glass. Sip or chug. Lemon or plain.
It will hydrate you, move stagnant hormones, and prime your body for the day. 


Sit on your front steps. Walk down the block. Skip if you can. Be outside with tiny intention. Take a hike. Stand still in the world for one minute.
Just breathing the outside air will gently reset your physical and mental state.


The simple thing is the hardest, yet the most important. Right now, wherever you are, breathe in through your nose and feel your ribs expand. 
There, you did it. Repeat. You’ve changed your brain chemistry already.

Need to paste this on your forehead?  FREE printable here.