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6 ways to be a more present parent

Busy lives can be tricky if you're not present with your loved ones. Your job may take up all the time or maybe keeping house means that there just isn't any room for self-care, but it's important to have at least a few moments of relaxation too! It becomes more difficult when we are constantly on our feet and always trying hard; those demands leave little energy left over in order make things like family bonding happen.

It shouldn’t be that way, but don't worry if it is and you can feel yourself slipping away. There are a number of different ways that your relationship with kids may not work- never too late to turn things around for their sake as well! Make memories which last forever by making time in between busy schedules or hectic days at home; they'll always have something good from the past - us .

Turn Your Technology Off

The next time you feel as though your technology is distracting from the things that really matter to life, like family or friends and memories made together—think about how it would feel if someone were checking up on them. Turn off any devices whose screens cannot be hidden so they don't take up space in an hour of peace offered by leaving everything else behind for just one day!

Your children will enjoy their time without technology if you let them. As a bonus, this teaches kids that there are other ways of having fun and being creative than with screens all around us!

Make Time

There's an old saying that goes, "Children are the future of their parents' generation." That's why it is so important to make sure you spend time with your kids in order for them to grow up into productive members of society. Unfortunately, many people just want things now without giving anything back or planning any sort of event because they think these activities will take away from their other responsibilities (whether at work/school). But this couldn't be farther from reality: spending quality one-on one relationships enables children learn how much effort goes into being good friends; developing self confidence; understanding what love really means between two partners who care deeply about each other as well as themselves – all skills most teenagers never get a chance encounter unless summer camp comes along .


Sometimes children need to feel trusted and respected before they will share problems with you. You want your child's confidence in himself or herself growing, which means that it is important for them not be scared of telling what might be going on at home - even if something doesn't seem too serious! By listening but also asking questions we show our interest; this way the parent feels like their concerns are heard by someone who truly cares about how he/she may feel after talking openly without appearing anxious or worried

The best way to be a good listener is by asking questions. This will show that you are interested in what they have said, and it also helps children feel important when their parent asks them something new because of how proud he/she should feel knowing such knowledge can help out around the house!

Looking After Yourself

There are many benefits to enjoying a drink from time-to-time. It’s perfectly fine and legal as long you're over 21, but it's important not let alcohol become an obsession or take up all your free time because this can have detrimental effects on relationships with family members especially if they have children that may be exposed too much consumption by their parents
A glass of wine sometimes just feels like the thing we need after days filled responsibilities! But maybe showing some self control will show better results than allowing yourself unlimited alcoholic beverages? There is always information available should any issues arise during recovery process

Go On Family Outings

Sometimes the best way to be present with your children is not by being in their company at all - instead, get out of town and enjoy an exciting family outing! Picnics are always fun because they allow you time away from thinking about what it would have been like if only we did this or that. One simple move can turn any worry into joy as well: just remember how much stronger our connections are when there's no technology involved (except maybe for cell phones).

Involve Them In Chores

Being present for your children is partly about being there when they need you. However, it can also be a teaching moment where kids learn to share and help out in their family by doing chores around the house because if these tasks are given an adult-like completion then who knows what skills will come of this! Your time isn’t wasted either: instead it provides another example with which we all grow more accustomed – creating lives full of kindness towards others while earning respect from those under our charge (including ourselves).

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