7 Best Eco Baby Shower Gifts

7 Best Eco Baby Shower Gifts

Moms, brace yourselves, you’re about to be showered with gifts! That special moment has finally arrived, and it’s time to go through some of the best, planet- and baby-friendly gifts every mom will love, and their little ones adore.

Baby bath supplies

baby bath

Every mom knows just how easy it is to run out of that precious baby shampoo with a soothing smell that helps your little ones prep for bedtime. Even if several guests bring eco-friendly bath packs, there’s never too much of cleansing products for the newcomer. And since many chemicals found in common bath supplies tend to be harmful both for the baby and the planet, then this is clearly a win-win!

For instance, Tubby Todd Bubble Bath is a favorite among many parents, and since it’s an all-natural mixture of various healthy ingredients, and it’s just gentle enough to make even the most sensitive of babies happy in their first bathing experiences!

Wooden teethers

We all know the sleepless nights that surely await every future parent, but there are quite a few ways you can help diminish the agony for both the mom and the baby. Teething is not a comfortable feeling, so we should all aim to find the most soothing and the safest method there is to keep the baby calm and happy.

As a great preparation for years of pancakes covered in maple syrup, how about a wooden, maple-made teether to keep those gums busy? Not to worry, these trees are sustainably grown and harvested, and since the material is all-natural, it’s also an antibacterial agent, and requires very little maintenance in terms of cleaning – a simple wet cloth will do the trick.

A pampering for the mom

In all this rush to please the baby, we often forget that moms need care and affection, too, especially during this sensitive time. Now, this particular gift will depend mostly on the mom’s preference, so you should make your choice accordingly.

It can be a weekend getaway to a spa for the mom and her spouse, a beauty set she has always wanted, a massage package she can use in the upcoming months, or even an indulgent day at her favorite, green restaurant!

Comfy wraps

baby wraps

Right after birth, moms will spend most of their time holding their little babies, and while this is essential for creating that life-long emotional bond through the warmth of the mom’s body, the mom also needs to have some rest. This is why baby wraps are a perfect gift that will serve both the mom and the baby in the months to come. And don’t forget, dads can wrap, too!

This way, the mom will have her hands free most of the time without having to put the little one down, and baby-wearing is known to both help balance mom’s hormones, have a soothing effect on the infant, and help mom get more of much-needed rest.

Organic bedding

Another commodity that just like bathing supplies tends to disappear very quickly and get worn out are baby blankets and other bedding items. You can simplify every mom’s laundry schedule by giving her an extra pack of natural, organic bedding, such as Magnolia Organics with their organic, chemical-free cotton sheets.

Baby blankets, hooded towels and similar goodies can also fall into this category, as they are easily some of the most worn and used items by all babies.

A gift for later

for later

Some parents, especially those who have already had a little rascal of their own, will use inherited items, from cribs to swaddle blankets, all of them probably in pristine condition. But some things are impossible to inherit – think, wet wipes, nappies and the like.

That’s why many second-time parents appreciate a thoughtful gift card instead of a material present, so that the baby’s parents can actually get precisely those items they need.

Recycled baby booties

Yes, they will outgrow them quickly, but they are too adorable not to be on this list! There are various kinds of recyclable materials used in the making of these boots, and they are perfect for growing feet. Some come from recycled TPE, others use natural cork, and others have 100% organic Merino wool to keep the feel toasty warm.

Designed to be sensitive skin-friendly and preserve Mother Nature, such gifts can also be later inherited, passed on or even recycled again for a new pair of shoes!

Baby showers are a perfect opportunity for future moms to prepare for their little bundle of joy, and a brilliant chance for her friends to show her the support and love she needs most. Whether you’re about to become a mom, or you know someone who will, these gifts will serve as a beautiful start to a motherhood adventure!