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A Healthy Home for A Healthy Kid

If you have kids, a safe and healthy home is a priority.  As much as we try to get them outside, your kids are bound to spend much of their time indoors. To provide them with the healthiest environment possible, there are a few key items to keep in mind.

Take care of the dust
The accumulated dust in your kids’ room is one of the main sources of toxic substances. Dust gathers daily so make sure you get address this on a regular basis. Don’t worry about technique. You may use a high-quality vacuum, or a simple wet mop and even damp cloth. Once a week is more than enough  - and get your kiddo to help out when they can! Pro tip:  Store toys in closed boxes – that helps minimize the amount of dust.

When you clean, do it green
Yes, you should wash your hands regularly with kids around. Just make sure to do it with a regular soap and warm water!  Try to avoid anti-bacterial soaps as some level of bacteria is good for the immune systems of both you and your kiddo. Don’t use bleach for your everyday cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar are much better and healthier solutions to try. With those two, you can take care of your bathroom, windows, floors etc. And don’t forget to always keep all household chemicals out of reach.

Get rid of the plastic
It is crucial to (try your best to) use less plastic around your kids. For instance, if you use plastic food containers or plastic wrap, you should be aware that toxic chemicals can dissolve in food and drinks. Because of that, try to start storing food in ceramic or glass containers. This practice should include heating milk as well. Try to use fresh or frozen foods and try to avoid cans with BPA. As for toys – it never hurts to reduce the piles and discard some plastics in the meantime!

Make sure to declutter
While raising your kids, space around them is critical for the development of the imagination. If their bedrooms have been cluttered in the past years, go ahead and start reorganizing. Professionals recommend at least one decluttering action each year. This is good because you’ll get more space and safety for your children and more peace of mind for you. Their bedroom is their kingdom, and kings and Queens need space to move and grow. The early childhood years are so fleeting. Giver them a good start with plenty of space to explore.

Add Omegas
For optimal health, most diets should include Omega 3’s and that includes kids! Try to choose fish that are low in mercury since it’s very harmful to brain function and development. Options include with herring, rainbow trout, salmon or Atlantic mackerel. When it comes to tuna, you should use light varieties, instead of albacore or white tuna. If they don’t eat fish – try a high quality supplement.

Final thoughts: Don’t stop there, be an active student of health.  Keeping your family healthy includes reducing stress, boosting immunity and making safe and educated choices.

Our post this week is contributed by Helen Bradford. Helen is a student who enjoys writing about health, business and interior design. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.