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Baby Massage for health and emotional bonding

Warmth and wellbeing. Soothing touch. Healing massage.

Hey mamas, these terms naturally bring a sense of calm, don’t they?
Mamas of the tribe suggest you repeat these phrases and go nurture your baby. Pass the stillness and tranquility you feel on to your infant with a massage. When you touch your child, you not only bring a calming sensation to the body, but also to the mind.

This is especially crucial when there are ailments that need fixing like colic, or skin conditions that need soothing. Easing your young babe’s discomforts through the act of massage begins a lifetime of meaningful touch that will serve them and you in wonderful ways.

"From my personal experience, after having massaged all my kids when they were babies, I can tell you for a fact that they did not have colic and had very strong immune systems growing up. The time and effort spent on this regular ritual of emotional connection also paid off hundred-fold (my kids are all in their 20s now, independent and quite grown up but always acutely aware of how beloved they are).

What a routine of massage can do for your wee one

Massage can improve the breathing pattern of your child: As you provide a gentle and rhythmic manipulation of the skin, your infant’s breathing will take on a regular pattern. This cadence of breath in and out can give the following benefits:

  • Lung health and respiration improve
  • Growth hormones are released
  • Irritability is decreased
  • Intestinal difficulties like colic subside
  • The systems of the body (endocrine, nervous, circulatory, and more) are regulated
  • Cognitive development improves

Soothe the skin with massage

Along with the physical benefits seen from improved breathing is the awesome blessing of the skin. A child with a skin condition will be soothed with the increased lymphatic flow, resulting in gentle and necessary detoxification of the skin. Hydration is improved, and inflammation reduced, bringing much-needed recovery to the skin.

Blood flow to the skin is instantly underway with light manipulation, allowing for the relief of itchiness and soreness. Gentleness is key, and even with a light touch, the blood, lymphatic, and nutritional systems of the skin get moving.

Soothe growing pains with massage

A babe can experience discomfort when going through stages of growth. Irritability can lead to your little one seeking close contact and touch. Sleep changes may occur as some of the hormones for growth are emitted during sleep, thus causing pain. Your infant may seem to be changing in personality, such as going from fearless to hesitant.

All of the above discomforts can be reduced with gentle touch. When baby shows anxieties from growing pains, soothe them with eye contact, a soft voice, and comforting manipulation of the skin. Once they get into the routine, your baby will associate loving massage with welcomed relief. Touch meets pain, and it’s all better

Aid in development with massage

Soft strokes of the skin can boost development in many ways. Essential skills are given a boost.

  • The ease of tension allows an infant to explore oral sensation and awareness
  • Your baby is in communication with you through touch and eye contact
  • Massage aids in motor development with the manipulation of muscles
  • Coordination takes a boost
  • Your baby is listening to you and forming speech knowledge


The best time to massage your child

Children who experience massage are often calmer, more at ease babies. To make sure that you can fit this pleasing time into your child’s day, remember to approach the massage when it works for both you and babe.
This means take time for yourself throughout the day, too. As for precious babe, massage them when they are responsive. If baby fusses, stop the massage and resume it later.

Don’t massage right after a feed, to avoid an upset tummy. Begin when your child is quiet, yet alert to their surroundings. A while before a nap is a good way to soothe them into a fantastic sleep.

If your child is new to massage, start small. Sessions of 3 - 5 minutes are the ideal way to begin this communication of hands to body and mind. Gradually increase the time as you and your little one adjust to the routine.

If things don’t go perfectly the first time, keep practicing. Both you and babe need to adjust.

So, it’s time to begin. Massage your baby to make them feel better in all ways. Remember, it’s a sweet experience, this skin to skin contact. It is a healing touch that provides baby with connection and a form of social development. You and your precious babe make and maintain eye contact daily. A bond is nurtured. You become a more confident parent, and your child feels safe in that security.


Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a way to improve your baby’s health and create an emotional bond, consider massage. Massage has been shown to have a variety of benefits for babies, including reducing colic symptoms, improving sleep, and enhancing brain development. And the best part is that it’s a great way to connect with your little one. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your baby a massage yourself, there are plenty of products on the market that can help. One such product is Happy Baby Balm from Calm-A-Mama. This organic balm was created specifically for use on delicate baby skin and features ingredients like chamomile and lavender oil that are known for their calming effects.