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Baby Mom - No More.

He's three.  
He's potty trained.  
He's weaned.
She starts kindergarten next week.
She has her ears pierced.
Talk about transition.
The line between my personal life and what is professionally appropriate to talk about is blurry to me. With Calm-A-Mama as one of my main business focuses right now, that's even harder.  I want to confide in you. I want you to know me; the truth. 
There are so many moments of every day that I want to scream "I HEAR YOU"  to all the mamas at the top of my lungs. I am you, truly. I want to tell you that I'm NOT the role model you need me to be.  I don't have it all together.  I am 100% less confident than you think.  I am flawed and wicked and lonely.  I am human.
It is in this communal, messy experience of humanness that we can experience true connection.  When our children share their fears with us they learn the feeling of safety. When we show up, raw and vulnerable, there's a chance that we can evolve, meet our demons, bleed together and experience true growth. 
My children are moving out of babyhood.  I am letting go and reaching towards something new.  The products I create are the vehicle I use to deliver my compassion into your homes into your hearts.  My immense desire is to share healing and create community around the ways we can lift each other up.  Go out, be brave, show up and love someone.  Because that's true motherhood and we all need it.
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