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Baby products that every new mom needs.

This post is for all the moms out there looking to stock up on baby products. Whether you're a first-time mom or have kids of your own, this post will help you find the best items to buy and what not to bother with. As a new mom myself, I wish someone had told me about these essentials before my son was born!
This list includes everything from bottles and pacifiers to strollers and high chairs. You'll be ready for anything with these essentials under your belt. Read on now to learn more!

1. Newborn clothes - babies grow quickly and will need new clothes often

"Newborn clothes are tiny, adorable, and often times necessary. They are also the most difficult to shop for- sizes vary wildly, stores don't always carry them in all colors or patterns, and you can't try them on before buying them."
"I've compiled a list of my favorite newborn clothing brands that I think you will love too! All of these brands offer easy returns which is especially helpful if your baby doesn't like something new right away. Plus they're all reasonably priced so it's not painful to buy more than one item!" "You'll be thanking me later when you realize how much easier this was than trying to figure out what size your little guy wears."

2. Baby wipes - these are great for cleaning up messes, wiping away spit-up, or giving a quick bath to your baby

Baby wipes are a great way to keep your baby clean and fresh. They can also be used for cleaning up messes around the house. We have a list of 10 ways they can make life easier below!
1) Mopping up spills - I've spilled my coffee on the kitchen floor more than once, if you don't want to use water or towels try using baby wipes instead! Just wipe it away and you're done.
2) Cleaning surfaces - Baby wipes work great at getting rid of sticky residue left behind by stickers, labels, or other things that might not come off with just soap and water. Wipe it all down quickly before things start sticking again! 

3. Diaper cream/ ointment - diaper rash is painful and uncomfortable for any baby

As a new mom you want to do anything and everything possible to keep your baby happy. If your baby is in pain, this can be really tough. Babies with diaper rash are uncomfortable and may not sleep well because of the discomfort. This blog post will tell you about what causes diaper rash, how to prevent it from happening, and how to treat it when it does occur.
Diaper cream or ointment is an excellent way to soothe the irritation caused by diaper rash. It provides relief for both babies and parents alike! Here are some tips on which type of cream should work best for your little one based on their age: For babies under 6 months old use petroleum jelly or zinc oxide paste; for babies over 6 months

4. Pacifier - some babies love them, others don't; but it's always good to have one on hand just in case!

Pacifiers are a must-have for babies, especially when they're teething. But not every baby loves them! It's always good to have one on hand in case your little one needs it, but don't buy too many so you don't waste money. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pacifier for your child.
a) Choose a shape that is similar to what they might be sucking their thumb with b) Check the age range of the pacifier and know that newborns can't use most types of pacifiers because they need something that will fit properly in their mouth

5. Calma A Mama  Products

We have been inundated with questions from parents who are looking for a natural alternative to help their baby sleep. The good news is that there are many options available, and we’ve put together this list of herbal drops for babies as a starting point in your search.

Organic Calm Drops

Teeth+Tummy Drops

Immune Drops 

Happy Baby Balm

We hope that with our list of baby products, you feel confident in your purchase decisions. Have any questions? Send us an email . You can also visit our website at Calm A Mama   for more information on how we make the world calmer one drop at a time!