Essential oils vs hydrosols

Often, people come to Calm A Mama thinking that we sell essential oil blends to be used as calming aromatherapy perfumes.  But, that's FAR from what we do.  We make botanical herbal supplements – that is, divine-tasting liquid drops made from organic herbs that you take on your tongue or in a beverage.  You can find us alongside vitamins and herbs in Whole Foods or other natural marketplaces.

Our supplements combine TWO plant healing components: hydrosols & flower essences. You can read details about the scent-less magic of flower essences here) and you can read some more science about the making of hydrosols here. Hydrosols are the part of our blend that often get confused with essential oils because they are also made via steam distillation. 

Here are some important distinctions:

  1. Environmental Impact: Essential oils take an enormous amount of plant matter to make one drop of oil - this means they can be pretty harsh as far as environmental degradation.  Hydrosols, on the other hand, are much gentler on the planet as the plant and you can make gallons ad gallons of a hydrosol with the same amount of pant matter as it would take to product a few drops of essential oils. 
  2. Strength & Safety: Essential oils are HIGHLY concentrated plant matter and should NOT be use by undiluted or by mouth without medical supervision. Hydosols are much gentler on the body and many can be safely used for infants and children.
  3. Flavor & Compounds: Hydrosols are amazingly delicious in flavor.  They are light and flavorful while delivering the full palette of herbal notes.  Essential oils feature only certain oil soluble compounds and thus have a different nose.
  4. Absorption and Excretion:  The human body is about 60% water.  Water soluble molecules are the most easily absorbed and also removed from the body.  This makes hydrosols a great medium for delivering herbs and getting rid of what the body doesn't need.

Generally speaking, hydrosols should be considered before using anything stronger. Start with the gentlest help you can find, then work up from there.
Enjoy them! Hydrosols are AMAZING.

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