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Five reasons why your baby is getting diaper rashes

Babies are born with vulnerable skin, and have to wear diapers so they don’t soil their clothes. Diaper rash is just one potential problem that can occur if you aren't careful about how often your baby changes his diaper or goes potty in general - it might be uncomfortable for them as well as stressful because anyone who cares for this little being will have to help take care of its needs throughout each day's journey into toddlerhood!

If you've been a good mom/dad and have made every effort to keep your baby's bottom clean, they may still be getting diaper rashes. Here are 5 possible reasons:

1. Your baby is taking antibiotics.

Your baby is taking antibiotics and you may be wondering if this will make their sensitive skin too dry. Antibiotics can increase the risk of two different types of diaper rash, so it's important not only to check for rashes but also signs like redness or irritation after they've taken their meds as well!

Diarrhea can cause diaper rash. Diarrhea is often caused by "bad" bacteria that antibiotics kill. This also kills some of the "good" bacteria that live in the gut, and this can lead to diarrhea. When people have diarrhea, their stomach empties quickly and contains more digestive enzymes. These enzymes touch skin under a diaper and it can be very irritating and cause a rash.

Yeast rash is a type of diaper rash that only some babies get. Some antibiotic medicines kill some of the healthy bacteria in their body and causes the yeast to grow, leading to a yeast diaper rash. Babies with a yeast infection might also have oral thrush (white spots on their gums, lips, tongue, roof of their mouth and on the insides of their cheeks).


2. Your baby has started eating solid foods.

Some babies start to get diaper rash after they begin eating solid foods. This milestone in a baby's diet can lead to changes in the digestive process and frequency or content of bowel movements, which causes an irritant for skin that may cause further problems like yeast infections if left untreated

3. You've switched brands of diapers or wipes.

Some babies are allergic to the ingredients in their diapers, wipes and creams. If you notice a rash after using one brand of product or type then try another until it clears up.

4. Your laundry routine needs some diaper-friendly adjustments. 

If you use cloth diapers, extra steps should be taken to make sure they get thoroughly clean in the laundry. Be sure to presoak heavily soiled diapers after dumping a batch of stool into your toilet bowl and rinse each batch with hot water before adding an anti-static product or fabric softener if desired!
It's important that moms who choose this option follow some simple guidelines when handling their baby’s dirty nappies: just like when we go shopping ourselves (and often forget something), one mistake can lead down unhappy paths - such as irritated skin caused by detergents which may cause rashes on babies sensitive skins; skip these irritating chemicals whenever possible but retain common sense too because overusing them could dry out their sensitive skin.

5. Your baby's diapers are too tight.

The worst thing that can happen when you wear a diaper is the feeling of it being too tight. This might cause red marks on your baby's skin, which means she needs to go back in time for some new cloth or disposable diapers! The solution here would be finding out how much space her knees should have while wearing these type of garments so they fit comfortably without any discomfort at all - no one wants chafing from rubbing against their own leg!!


Conclusion paragraph: As you can see, there are many factors that could cause your baby to have diaper rash. If you're not sure what's causing the issue or if it doesn't clear up quickly with just a change in diapers and keeping the area clean, talk to your pediatrician for advice on next steps. We hope this article has been helpful to get an overview of how common causes of diaper rash work and where they come from. At calmamama we know that when babies don't feel happy and comfortable things like sleep, eating well and playing hard might be affected too - which is why we created our organic balm called Happy Baby Balm! which  helps protect against redness in general because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties which are derived from Vitamin E Oil. A small amount goes a long way!