Go forth

As a lifelong sufferer of general anxiety and panic my penultimate craving is safety.  I want to stay secure & protected, always.  I want clothes that feel like my skin. I want places that smell like home.  I want perceived control – I crave order over the chaos that is the truth of universe-spinning-life. Ritual = satisfaction.  Routine is necessary.  Predictability makes possibility.

Safety is comfortable and necessary – but it can also lead to stagnation and the experience of sameness.  It lets us unravel in our minds and spin thoughts again and again.  Allowing the same stories and hopes and dreams to remain.  One way to shake this up, to write in a plot twist, to discover a new path, is to leave that sweet, sweet safety.

For me, this means taking to the road.  I leave this week. I travel to newness but I keep ritual. Always ritual.  Always grounding.  I am protecting myself while challenging myself.  I am turning this into a sacred journey

Perfectly timed is this month's road trip themed box form Goddess Provisions. I couldn't be more thrilled to be sharing our Happy Drops in this particular box.  The timing is exquisite. PS.  Orders for this box close July 17th at 7pm EST, so hurry up!

And now, here is your permission slip:  Go Forth.  See what you find & send me a letter.