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"How to be a mom and still have a life"

Motherhood is one of the most difficult transitions you will ever make. Your whole identity shifts in an instant and suddenly friends and family are coming to see your new baby, not yourself! The life that was there before giving birth becomes an entirely different world; gone forever if we let it happen. But don't worry - this isn’t just happening with our pre-baby bodies either: There's also a complete changeover from who we were at work (or even how well liked/loved) by others around us during these years when raising children can be such hard labor on mental health too

The transition to motherhood can be a daunting one. It’s easy to forget about your own needs and those of the people in our lives as we strive for what they need, but it's crucial that you make space from time-to-time so you don't lose sight yourself or neglecting aspects like eating healthy foods with plenty of veggies - which is good if pregnant women want their babies grow up tall!

The first months after childbirth are busy ones where moms must do everything possible according them healthiest upbringing possible while at the same moment juggling being there partners parents caregivers friends etc., especially since breastfeeding often leaves little energy left over

1.Accept this new part of your identity

The first step to discovering your who you are as a mother is accepting the fact that it isn't always going to feel like "home" again. Your priorities, schedule and body will forever be altered after giving birth; however with time comes reclamation of oneself - if we give ourselves some grace while figuring out what our new roles should look like for this stage in life then everything can eventually fall into place!

After you have your baby, it's time to stop focusing on what was and start becoming the person you want them (and yourself) too. Mothers are in high demand these days so their influence will only grow with each generation! The best way for us all involved would be if we can inspire our children by being better than before-that is why mothers should take this opportunity as an ultimate chance at personal growth through transformation into something great

Instead of thinking about losing ourselves during pregnancy or parenthood, think more positively: We're responsible adults now; let’s act like ones

2.Take advantage of naptime

You might be sleep deprived, but you can still find time for yourself. Your new baby will nap at certain times of day and this is your chance to rest! It may seem like an impossible feat now that they are awake all night long (or most nights), but there’s nothing wrong with taking care both parents by snuggling up during those golden naps while also using the other two hours every few days where everything else seems more manageable than usual - whether it means reading online or catching up on chores around the house.

3.Talk to adults

Motherhood can be a lonely and isolating experience. It’s important to find time for fun with friends or partners, as well as spending quality alone-time together after being parents for so many years. Mothers often feel like they have nothing left in common other than their child; however if you take the initiative by making an effort outside of parenthood then maybe there are some activities where both parties would enjoy them equally (or at least not solely on behalf of one person).

4.Indulge in a passion

You know, it seems crazy to even think about taking time for a hobby or passion at this point. But getting back into the activities that bolstered your identity pre-baby will help you transition into yourself more seamlessly! Having an outlet—whether its drawing, photography writing cooking--can boost happiness and break up monotony of changing diapers while being around constant human pacifiers all day long. Even if just doing something as simple like adding cumin in tuna salad makes us feel better sometimes :)

5.Take care of yourself

When you're spending every waking moment trying to take care of someone who is wholly dependent on you, it's easy for your own needs and wants fall by the wayside. However taking care of yourself can be one way that allows this identity shift in order- remembering what was always there but just became more important now with all responsibility falling onto our shoulders at once? Taking regular showers will help remind us about how worthy/deserving we are so when things get hard again tomorrow morning don't forget these simple routines!

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