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How to celebrate New Years with your kids

It's tough being a parent these days. I used to love partying until the sun came up and staying awake past midnight, but since having kids my priorities have changed drastically! Now that their bedtime is 8pm on New Year’s Eve (or any other day), there isn't even enough time left in our mornings for me or anyone else involved with getting ready before school starts at 7:30am sharp - which leaves very little motivation from either myself or them as we all jet off across town just so someone can ring in 2022 together one last minute late at night...

New Year's Eve can still be a fun holiday with kids involved—even if you opt to do it low key. Here are some of our favorite ways that will make ringing in the new year exciting and festive, while still being kid-friendly!

1. Have a mock midnight

For tiny tots, this can be the popular "Noon Year’s Eve" celebrated right before nap time. For older kids there is an idea of “It's midnight somewhere." Pick a bedtime that is age-appropriate and make it your stroke of midnight! Our family starts watching TV at 9 p.m., which in turn allows our son feel tired but not too much so he'll go into his sleepy mode by 10:30pm when we want him tucked away safely under covers with reading material for tomorrow morning…and after all isn't today supposed to start out great?!

2. Make some noise

You can't have a party without noise, and it doesn't get more exciting than for kids who are ready to ring in the new year. No matter how you decide on your clock-commencement date—whether the traditional midnight or mock one all depends what best suits your childs' personality--they'll love making lots of fanfare with sound!

3. A night of favorites

Make New Year's Eve a night to celebrate the kids' favorite foods. Have them come up with dinner menu ideas that are sure not only include macaroni and cheese, but also Oreos (maybe even peanut butter cups)! A pot luck is always fun for guests too - let everyone bring something they love about being an annual tradition where you can enjoy watching how their tastes change from one year ago in order recognize what will be great options next time around!

4. Get dressed up

You don't have to go out on the town for a party - you just need some good tunes and your kids! Let them come dressed in their fanciest clothes. You provide hats, crowns or feather boas as well as snapping plenty of photos together at home so everyone Shared this special time with friends from school who may not get see each other again until next fall.

5. Have a dance party

Get the kids excited and on their dance floors! This is what you need to do: make a playlist that will get them moving, but keep it grown up friendly. Get some glow sticks or necklaces for everyone so they can shine in the dark when it’s time; invest in an inexpensive floor light as well if possible (and maybe even buy one of those cheap bubble machines too). It may have been years since Momma last had her hands raised high while shaking uncontrollably with excitement—but tonight should definitely see me dusting off those old moves once more!!

6. Make a photo booth

With just a roll of Craft paper for backdrop and some festive decorations, you’ve got yourself an end-of year party. Let the kids decorate it with glittering pompoms or gold lettering—whatever they think will make their photo booth perfect! Set aside some costume props too so all your guests can take cute snapshots together in this fun tradition before we celebrate again next January 1st!.

7. Have a movie night

Ring in the new year with a movie night! Whether you're staying in or going out, a movie is always a good way to spend time with friends and family. Need some ideas for what to watch? Check out these classics that are perfect for New Year's Eve. From light-hearted comedies to heartwarming dramas, there's something for everyone on this list. So gather your loved ones around the TV and enjoy some cinematic magic this New Year's Eve!

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