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How to protect your baby's skin in winter

Babies' skin is the epitome of softness. But because they are so delicate, babies require special care to keep their sensitive little faces smooth and happy during cold weather months with harsh conditions like winter! Check out these 10 tips for keeping your child's face baby-soft this season:

1.Swaddle with Warm Clothes

Babies need to be dressed in layers so that they can adjust their clothing as necessary. Even if it is chilly, babies could still get heat rash and irritation around the folds of skin which may lead them not only being cranky but also experiencing sleepless nights due friction from uncomfortable diapers or bedding materials such a sheets made out vinyl material instead cotton because these types don’t rub against your child's delicate bottom when he/she moves about during sleep hours

2. Protect Their Lips

Babies have a way of drooling no matter what, but in the cold weather it can cause their noses and lips to get chapped raw. To prevent this from happening treat yourself or your baby’s mouth with petroleum jelly before taking them outside for an activity that may involve freezing temperatures!

3.Avoid Overbathing

Babies’ skin is prone to getting dried out in winter, and frequent bathing can make the condition worse. It's best for baby care during this season if you keep Junior clean with gentle sponge baths or wipe downs from damp washcloths once per day - avoiding any products that contain perfumes or other additives as these will irritate their delicate pores even more than usual (not sure how). Warm water alone typically does enough of a good job at keeping babies soft; just add some shampoo when necessary!

4.Use Products Made Specifically for Babies

Your baby’s skin is too delicate for the chemicals in many products. If you use a product that contains ingredients like dyes or fragrances, your child could get an irritated pores and acne on his/her face! It's never too early to start thinking about what kind of care he needs so be sure not only choose wisely but also read reviews carefully before making any purchases just because they're made specifically for babies
Your baby deserves the best. It’s impossible to know what your little one will react to, so it’s better safe than sorry and opt for natural products with no added fragrances or other potential irritants. Calmamama has a range of organic drops and balms made from pure ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil that are perfect for sensitive skin types young and old - including those with eczema or psoriasis! You can also find some wonderful calming bath salts that contain only 100% natural essential oils designed specifically for babies.

5.Guard Against for Diaper Rash

Changing diapers can be a hassle at any time of year, but it's especially hard during the winter. When your little one is swaddled in more layers and you're feeling unpleasant chills too, getting them changed becomes even more difficult--especially if they have diaper rash! It might seem like there are no easy solutions for this problem until now. Happy Baby Balm by calmamama is designed to make changing your baby’s nappy easier on everyone involved! The natural ingredients do wonders to soothe their skin without drying it out or causing irritation. This product will keep both you and your baby happy all day long!


You may be surprised when you take off your infants’ cap after a nice winter walk and see some flakes of skin, like dandruff. It's common for babies to get cradle cap; it is caused by oil glands in their scalp that produce too much sebum (oil). Rubbing baby oils often helps alleviate this minor irritation as well!

7.When in Doubt, See a Doctor

Hand, mouth and foot disease can be a scary thing for parents. The common viral illness often presents itself in sores on baby’s hands, mouth or feet which are quickly treated with antibacterial hand creams when they appear suspiciously bluish-white colored before pus begins bursting out of them like what usually happens during an outbreak! Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any unusual rashes anywhere near this sensitive area because it might not just indicate something minor but rather deeper problems such as infection from tetanus bacteria that will require immediate attention