Immunity: A Back to School Boost

It's the week before school starts and my kids already have a cold. Suddenly I remember what sickness means during the school year for so many of us.  Yes, sickness affects the body, but its reach goes further into the family than that.  It means missed days of school, catch up work, lack of childcare, missed work & wages, scrambling to tie the ends together, less sleep, cranky mamas and increased household stress. And guess what increased stress leads to? That's right!  A lowered immune system. It's a vicious cycle, especially at this time of year. What's a mama to do?

  1.  Shift bedtime. Yes, I know, it's hard but sufficient sleep is key to a healthy immune system. Also, it's getting darker earlier, so it won't be too bad.  Start by moving bedtime back 15 minutes per day,
  2. Increase fruits and veggies. Get those little (and big) bodies ready to fight germs.  Add in an extra serving of fruits or veggies. Berries are especially great for an antioxidant boost!
  3. Add in herbs & supplements.  There are so many immune-supporting herbs it is hard to choose!  As we switch seasons, I try to add ginger and garlic into more of our meals. (Ask me about our garlic popcorn). I also support my kiddos with echinacea tincture if they seem sniffily. And then there is my super mega ultra favorite: Elder!  I love Elderberry syrup for immune support, but I also have a new found passion for Elderflowers themselves. That's why I made these
  4. Use flower essences to fight stress. I can't talk enough about how stress and the immune system are pretty close friends. So, any stress-reducing measures will help you stay healthy.  Our Immune Drops feature essences of Oregano, Lemon Balm and Yarrow - all of which are perfectly protective for this transitional time.
  5. Wash your hands! In the summertime our dirt is mud and grass and good stuff that helps build our immune systems - but as the seasons switch the invisible germs increase.  Make a practice of washing hands before mealtimes and after blowing noses. Washing our hands with regualr soap and water is perfect - stay away from antibacterial products!