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Is anxiety in kids normal?

Beautiful mama, do you have a concern today?

“I do. I’m wondering, is anxiety in kids normal?”

Yes, it is - but the normal types of anxiety that we typically see in children come and go. And, the apprehensions and concerns are over things like meeting someone new, a first-ever dental visit, or entering a birthday party full of kids they may not know.

These are common (and expected) anxieties that come as a part of growing up.

Our little ones will sometimes have a period of separation-related stress. School-age kids may show a waver in confidence as they embark on the adventure of attending school and being away from you for the day. Teens often experience anxiety as their hormones change, and their bodies develop.

The child who is in a constant state of fear and worry for unfounded reasons, though, may have an anxiety disorder and should be seen by the doctor.

For the purpose of this article, Calm a Mama Tribe, we are talking about everyday anxieties that make your children the wonderful beings that they are. We assure you that anxiety in kids is normal, and we are going to give you the tools to make it better and less of an issue.

What to do about your child’s anxiety

Understand, accept, and acknowledge

Key to helping your child work through their anxieties is to offer support. Understand that the emotion is real. Accept the fact that your child has concerns that are overwhelming them. Acknowledge them and tell them you can help.

Be aware

Be aware of your child’s emotional evolution. If your child’s personality develops beyond typical anxieties into one of constant worry and concern, be ready to talk to them about it at every step of the way.

Take action

Here at Calm a Mama, we know that parents do not want to medicate their children with drugs like Prozac or Zoloft unless there is no other option. Consider all-natural, anxiety relief supplements for kids. And remember the same products work as an anxiety remedy for adults, offering you emotional grounding and connection, too.

How can I help my anxious child?

We at Calm a Mama get asked that question often. We are happy to say that we have developed flower essences that can give your child the anxiety relief they need. The blends work naturally and with comfort, without causing drowsiness other side effects, so that your kid can go about being a kid!

The objective with flower essences, after all, is for people to be able to heal their emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Sharing the balance with your child (or any family member) is easy with calm drops or happy drops. Focus drops contain ingredients that work for mental alertness and clarity, and work as an ADHD supplement for kids.

Other ways to calm your anxious child are:

Make sure your kids stay hydrated
Get them outside for exercise
Have them on a healthy sleep schedule
Make sure they see friends
Give them consistency in their schedule

Doing these things also works for our #calmamamatribe mamas, too.

When to worry about your child’s anxiety...

If your precious kiddo is experiencing overwhelming fear that is affecting their day to day enjoyment of life, you may want to look into it further. A reluctance to leave your side to take part in fun activities, a drop in school grades, or withdrawal from family and friends are reasons to consult your child’s pediatrician.

Anxiety is a protective emotion. When it moves past protection and into prevention mode (such as preventing your son or daughter from being a carefree kid most of the time), it’s time to seek help.