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New Mama Gift Set – Giveaway!

What mama couldn't use some support these days?  

Enter our giveaway (now thru April 30th, 2017) and you'll win our New Mama Gift Set.  It includes, Calm Drops, Sleep Drops and Teeth+Tummy Drops.  On May 1st we'll pick the winner and announce it via email.  One entry per person, please.

Good luck,

About The Drops:
Calm A Mama drops are like nothing else on the market. We combine two gentle methods of plant healing by blending flower remedies, or essences, with more traditional herbal extracts. The herbs work on your physical body, while the flower essences support you emotionally. USDA Organic and alcohol-free!

What Mamas Are Saying:
"If you know me, you know I LOVE (organic) remedies and lemme tell ya, these @calmamama drops are the beez kneez! 🐝🐝 I love the #CalmDrops any time, especially when my anxiety spikes and I feel like I'm running low on patience. With an adventurous, rule breaking toddler that happens a little too often these days. And speaking of said toddler, Emeri ADORES the #TeethDrops! We ran out a couple days ago and have been waiting for our pretty package to come in the mail. Man, has it been a slow couple of days (lol)! But they were dropped at our door today and it's like Emeri's attitude did a complete 180! Oh, and if your baby is still having trouble sleeping through the night the #SleepDrops are fantastic and the #MidnightMouseDrops are totally phenomenal if you think you may need something a little stronger. Thank you @calmamama for making such an amazing product! We love the whole line of remedies. Seriously, check them out." - Natasha


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