Surviving February

If you are anything like me then February feels like a time of no hope.  

I don't really care what the groundhog says, there is ice on the ground, the kids have been sick on and off since thanksgiving, my vitamin D levels are low and all I want to do is eat warm white foods and girl scout cookies and stay in bed.

Instead, the sun rises earlier and my kids sense it, I'm begrudgingly hauling my butt to the gym and the world is seemingly continuing around me - despite my deep anger at all of it.

So, to celebrate the end of the shortest month, I've come up with ten survival tips. (Hint: they work in March too.) 

  1. Take Vitamin D.  Chances are if you are a woman and it is winter and you are moody, you could use a dose of D.  If you can, get your levels checked too.
  2. Hydrate & Moisturize. I don't know why I can't get with the program on this one.  It's dry and cold.  Use lotion, eat an avocado, and please, drink a bunch of freaking water - you are made out of it.
  3. Read a book.  Seriously, that's why dark months were invented. It doesn't even have to be a good book.  Just make a snuggle spot and run your eyes over printed pages and not something electronic. 
  4.  Use colored pencils or watercolors. When was the last time you played with color without any rules? Make yourself a February card. Because color.
  5. Pot a plant.  It will bring oxygen into your house.  It will bring something green near you when everything else is dead (I mean hibernating.) You will get your hands dirty and that is good for your soul.
  6. Throw something away. Clear your head by clearing space.  Of course, donating is always good.  But sometimes there's that one thing that just needs to end up in the garbage.  Find it and make it so.
  7. Stay up past your bedtime. For real! It's so good to break your own rules. Especially in February.
  8. Rose it up.  February is my favorite time for all things rose.  This includes Happy Drops from Calm A Mama, Tulsi and Rose Tea from Organic India and Rose Face Oil from Andalou.
  9. Work from bed. Yup, you heard me.  Turn your bed into your office.  Even if you are a stay at home mom.  Set up camp for an hour, a half day or an evening in your bedroom.  The change of scenery will make you feel spoiled.  PS.  That's a good thing.
  10. Find a new song you love. Listen to it over and over and over. Annoy everyone in your house with it.

You've got this.  XOXOX,