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Sweet Chamomile + How We Do

Chamomile is one of the first herbs I introduced my own kids to.  It's easy to grow, so they planted it and watered it and tended to it.  When the flowers appeared they would diligently pick them daily and dry them on a little screen.  Early on they learned the smell of the flower, the aroma of the tea steeping and how it made them feel.  

I always say it makes me feel held.

In our botanical blends we use chamomile in two ways:

  1. As a hydrosol:
    We use it in our Sleep Drops as the main herb, the hydrosol that imparts the flavor and active properties. We harvest it on site, bring it into the lab and distill it into a hydrosol (aka flower water, hydrolate, aromatic water). Chamomile is a wonderful and soothing stress reducer. It is calming to body and mind, a gentle sedative for both adults and children. It has also been noted to be anti-inflammatory and cooling both physically and emotionally
  2. As a flower essence:
    We use it in our Happy Drops, Calm Drops & Teeth+Tummy Drops as one of the flower essences in each blend.  We harvest the same chamomile plants as we do for the hydrosol, but we solarize it right there in the garden - capturing as much of the plant's vibration as possible.  As an essence it's key words are Uplift & Soothe.  It's an essential for over-taxed nerves.  We rely on it for all kinds of irritability and for difficulties during times of transition.

    I encourage everyone to keep chamomile on hand - as a fresh plant, dried herb, flower essence or in a blend.  It's easy to work with, great for kids and adults alike.  

    Uplift and soothe,