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"The Best Time Management Tips That Work For Moms"

Being a mom is tough. Between kids' activities, household responsibilities and work (for some), mothers struggle to find time for themselves and are just trying to get everything done. Here are 5 useful tips that busy moms can use in order to take stress out of life while creating more time for fun with their children or alone-time:

1) Prioritize - Make lists of what's most important

For many of us, our list of priorities is constantly changing. And with so many different things vying for our attention, it's easy to let the little things fall through the cracks. Whether you're juggling family commitments, work demands or school projects, prioritizing can be a challenge. But making lists helps! Lists are particularly helpful because they provide focus and clarity on what needs to be done next. You may even find that you need to make multiple lists - one for each area in your life where there is too much going on!

2) Delegate Tasks You Can't Do Yourself To Others Who Have Time on Their Hands

What tasks do you have on your list that you just don't know how to tackle? What would happen if you were able to delegate those tasks to someone else with time on their hands, who may be more knowledgeable than yourself in certain areas? It's not always easy to find someone who can help out. But there are ways around it! Here are some of the most helpful resources for finding people with skills that will suit your needs.

3) Cut Out the Noise - Delete social media apps from your phone so you don’t have distractions

Do you ever feel like social media apps are taking over your life? It's too easy to just pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram or Facebook.  There is a way to avoid the noise of social media without disconnecting from all of it - delete those apps from your phone, so that when you're ready for them, they will be there. Consider this a detox for your life!

4. Get up early in order to get more done before kids wake up in the morning

The morning is a great time to get things done. How often have you been in the evening and thought, "if only I had more time." You do! The best way to make mornings work for you is not by sleeping in but rather waking up early and getting started. This will give your day a jump start on tasks that need completing before the kids wake up from their naps or bedtime. It also allows for some quiet time when you can think about what needs to be accomplished later in the day without any distractions. Plus it's easier than cramming everything into one busy night of working late hours - something we all know isn't good for our health! 

As you can see from the article, there are many different ways to make time for yourself and your family. With a little creativity and some focus on what’s important to you as a mom, it is possible to have more fun with less stress!