Under the balsamic moon



I feel so foggy.” I wrote to her, “Nothing seems easy.

Under the Balsamic Moon there is darkness. It’s the withdrawn feelings you fight.  It's the pull the blankets up over your head.  It’s worse in January when it’s cold.  It’s worse because there’s an eclipse upcoming.  It’s worse because I am bleeding.

If you had to pick one moon phase to observe...let this be the one.

"Balsamic begins with the waning Sun/Moon semi-square. The Moon is a slim Crescent, forty-five degrees behind the Sun. Moonrise comes in the pre-dawn hours, when most of us are sound asleep, in the theater of our most vivid dreams. Right brain processes are at their peak this phase, having gathered momentum since the Full Moon. Instinct and intuition are high. Rest is imperative. Even during waking hours, we work in Balsamic much as we do in dreamtime, when the subconscious sorts and catalogues our experience, when it struggles against or integrates conflicting impulses, clearing our residue of feelings, receiving messages of guidance.

Our physical energy is necessarily as low as our psychic energy is high. We're at a threshold, ending one cycle while anticipating a new one round the corner. We might want to get into motion, but our bodies are tired. Our clarity and focus wane, like the Balsamic Moon herself, rising thinner and fainter each morning until she eventually disappears altogether, lost in the Sun's glare. This is the Dark Moon. Much of the time we won't know whether we're finishing up or leaning toward the future, whether we're being truly psychic or simply dreaming - which is why this is a better period for introspection than for action. Without the dormancy of winter, spring's (or the New Moon's) seeds cannot mature." Read More.


Notes for the balsamic phase:

  • sleep
  • cyclic rest
  • turn inwards
  • lower your expectations of output
  • do the minimum 
  • allow allow allow
  • clearing residue
  • the witch knows when to let go
  • rounded productivity knows slow
  • cease our restless striving
  • waning moon in the morning sky 
  • without this, life exhausts itself