What is a hydrosol ?

The word hydrosol is comprised for the words ‘hydro’, meaning water and ‘sol’, meaning solution. They are also knowns as floral/flower waters, herbal distillates & hydrolats. After steam distillation, we end up with water that contains plant molecules – and not just flowers! Hydrosols can and are made using leaves, seeds, roots, flowers or the whole plant.

Within the still, water is heated to create steam, which rises and goes through the plant material.  As it does so, light aromatic molecules get carried along by the steam into a condenser where the steam is converted back into a liquid – the finished hydrosol.

Hydrosols contain organic acids, flavonoids, plant pigments, various water-soluble plant components and trace molecules of essential oils. 

Our supplements combine TWO plant healing components: hydrosols & flower essences (read about the scent-less magic of flower essences here).  Hydrosols are the part of our blend that often get confused with essential oils because they are also made via steam distillation.  You can read about that distinction here.

We make hydrosols of Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Fennel and Rose to use as the basis for our drops. Read more about the powers of each individual hydrosol by visiting each page:



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