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What you should know when planning a baby shower

Baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate the new addition in your life. They're also an opportunity for you and all those close with baby on their minds, whether they be friends or family members! Hosting this type of event can seem daunting at first but if planned correctly will turn into something fun-filled that's sure not forget about when it comes time for birthday parties later down the line. This guide offers tips from planning stages through executing events so there’s no need worry - just enjoy these helpful hints along with creating memories as one big happy family unit preparing togetherness!


Select a date and time. Consult with the guest of honor to choose a date and time for her party. Most baby showers are held when the expectant mom is about seven months pregnant⁠—she's well into her pregnancy by then, but she'll probably still be comfortable. This time frame will also give you plenty of room organize gifts after-wards or decide what exactly needs purchased before your little one arrives!

Determine the guest list and budget.

It's important to determine the guest list and budget before starting any baby shower planning. The key is to be realistic about how many people will attend, what you can afford, and if you want a theme. For example, if your friends and family live in different states or countries it may not make sense for them to come out for a party. It also may not make sense financially or logistically for everyone who wants to participate in the celebration of your child's birth. You should consider factors like travel costs, childcare expenses while away from home (if needed), food preferences/allergies, etc., when deciding on the guest list.

Choose a venue.

Think about where you want your shower to be and who's going to attend. Do it at home, in a restaurant or hotel with their staff handling catering? Or are the plans more elaborate- possibly including decorations by professionals - then consider having this special moment catered for those close enough that they can show up on short notice if needed!

Send the invitations.

Before you send out the invites, make sure that they'll have plenty of time to reserve a date and RSVP. If people know about your plans ahead-of-time (or at least as much detail as possible), guests can plan their shopping for gifts or find someone who will watch children if needed!

Come up with an agenda.

Planning a baby shower timeline is the key to keeping guests engaged and entertained. Most showers include games, gift opening, eating food (and drinking) - but how you organize these activities can create as much fun for them! For instance: give people 15-20 minutes upon arrival; offer drinks when they come through doorways or appear at different points in your event venue ; start an activity after everyone has arrived such as bodysuit designing station if one had been planned ahead of time etc.. Make sure there's plenty on plate too by serving some appetizers while gifts are being opened up followed quickly by dessert... then finally coffee will round off this perfect little social affair ;)

Pick baby shower favours

A parting gift is a simple way to thank your guests for attending, and it doesn't have to be extravagant. One approach could entail providing the audience with an item that reflects their personal style or taste in music such as iTunes cards according Hill's suggestions; these can then simply put on their own playlist at home! Another option would involve distributing take-home bags filled candy along side homemade chocolates during those sweet-themed weddings - there are endless possibilities so think outside of what you might typically offer them before deciding how best make this part special

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