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What's a healthy weight gain in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes to prepare for childbirth and nourish her baby. One common change is that the metabolism slows down so she can store more fat in case it's needed later when caring for an infant or toddler at home with limited food options available!
In fact there are no official guidelines on how much weight you should gain during this time due mostly because everyone gains differently which means not all women will experience these same side effects associated w/ excess pounds gained too Early onset GDM (gestational diabetes) has increased rates

Only some of the weight you gain in pregnancy will be body fat. The other things causing weight gain will include:

  • your baby
  • the placenta
  • the amniotic fluid (the water surrounding your baby)
  • your growing breasts
  • the increased blood you need
  • natural fluid retention.

Some women might lose weight during the first few months, especially if they have morning sickness and this is absolutely normal. But don't try to lose weight while pregnant as it’s not healthy for you or your baby!
A woman's body changes drastically after she becomes pregnant; her hormones regulate how much energy gets used each day which can lead some people who are just starting out with their new life roles of motherhood gain less than expected pounds due in part from hormonal fluctuations .


What is the average weight gain in pregnancy?

The amount of weight that pregnant women should gain during their pregnancy depends on what they weighed beforehand. Some doctors recommend 10-12kg (22 pounds) while others say it can be as high at 28lbs for someone who is already overweight or obese; The American College Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists suggests any extra pounds added will ensure a healthy delivery with less risk than if there was none!

  1. Women who are underweight (BMI below 18.5) should gain between 28-40lbs!
  2. It's been shown that women who are in the normal weight range (BMI 18.5-24) need to put on 25 -35 pounds!
  3. Women who are overweight (BMI between 25 and 29.9) should put on 15 to 25lbs, or 7-11kg!
  4. If a woman has an obesity (BMI greater than 30), she should put on between 11-20 pounds or 5-9 kg

The recommended weight gain for women expecting twins is:

  1. Women who are normal weight should put on between 37-54 lbs (16.8 -24kg).
  2. Women who are overweight (BMI between 25 and 29) should gain about 31-50 pounds.

These guidelines are only suggestions. You and your doctor or midwife know best whether they need to be followed, so don't worry too much about them! pregnancy affects women differently which means that there isn’t one right answer for everyone--you'll have plenty of support during this exciting time in life as long as you're comfortable with how things progress/may turn out (or not).

What's the best way to manage your weight while pregnant?

For most women, if you have always been active and plan on staying that way throughout pregnancy then your continued activity is healthy.
But new mothers-to-be should start with a low dosage of about 15 minutes three times per week before gradually increasing to 30 minutes every day as needed/wanted. Remember: it's not just important for keeping fit but also maintaining mentally!

It's not easy making changes to your daily routine, especially when you are used to sitting down and doing nothing all day. But if we start small by taking the stairs instead of an elevator at work or getting off a bus one stop earlier than usual every now and then it becomes easier over time!