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The best way to help a baby with a cold

You might be surprised to know that your baby has a high chance of getting up until seven colds before their first birthday. There are more than 100 viruses out there who could make them sick and you’ll find yourself dealing with an angry little one on many occasions as well!

How do you know if your baby has a cold?

Colds are one of the most common infectious diseases in humans. They start out with crankiness that sometimes morphs into a runny nose or congestion, which Snot usually begins clear and progresses to thick yellow green goop by itself when you're sick - not always! COLD also comes along with fever (which may be why your appetite gets worse), cough sneezing etc., any combination can make life difficult for momma who needs her rest as well because babies tend not only eat but sleep too after giving birth; breastfeeding becomes near impossible at times during this period since milk supply typically decreases while baby's intake goes down even more than usual

How long does a cold last in babies?

Babies can contract a cold faster than an adult, but they usually recover more slowly. The duration of symptoms in children and adults are very different: while most kids feeling sick will fully Recover within 3-5 days without treatment; babies may not be able to breathe properly until their conditions improve or switch over from breastfeeding due to digestive issues with formula feeding techniques which makes them more susceptible during this time period as well!

Products & tips to help a baby with a cold

A baby's immune system is still developing, so it can be especially hard to deal with a cold. Fortunately there are products that moms can use to help their babies feel better faster.  Allergies will also need to be taken into account when dealing with the symptoms of a cold. Here are some tips for what you should do if your baby has a cold: 

1) Use saline nasal drops or spray

2) Soothe them by talking softly and rocking

3) Give lots of fluids

4) Avoid dairy

5)Organic sleep drops 

Saline Spray

Saline is a type of salt water that doesn't sting if it goes up your nose. It can break up any gunk in the child's nasal passage and help drain out all those icky fluids, viruses or bacteria! The spray got higher marks than drops because parents felt like they were able to get further into their little one’s sinuses with this method - not just on top as with some other options available at home remedies wise (suchas baking soda).


The best way to get your baby breathing again is by giving them a nice warm shower. The steam will help break up any fluid that may have accumulated in their lungs, making it easier for those little receptors on their nose and throat area do their job!

Extra love and cuddles

The neediness of babies is undeniable. Sometimes they just want to nurse on demand, other times be held upright and close in a carrier- but sometimes it’s not about what your baby needs; instead its how you as their parent can best meet those desires that will make all the difference for both yours & theirs emotional health!