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The ultimate self care checklist for busy moms

As a mom, you have so much responsibility on your shoulders! You give away energy and time to everyone around the house including kids, spouse or other relatives. And sometimes even when they need just one thing from us moms - our attention- we're able take care of everything else first because that's what being pregnant does for women: makes them feel nurturing towards others' needs before their own .
It sounds amazing how someone could be both motherly AND feminine at once; but guess what? You deserve some break too

We all know how hard it is to take care of our kids, but sometimes the best thing one can do for family members (or themselves) are little gestures like practicing self-care.
A great way start with this? Make yourself a daily checklist!


Why You Need A Daily Self Care Checklist

Moms are the ones who put themselves first, but they need time to recharge as well. A simple daily ritual for mom's self care can start with making a list of everything you do that benefits your mental and physical health each day (even things like brushing teeth). It doesn't take much effort or planning; just jotting down what feels good helps remind yourself why these behaviors exist in our lives!

The perfect mom has an endless to-do list and no time for herself. But you CAN take care of yourself! Here are some items that will make your life easier, healthier as well as give more energy when caring about others--so they feel loved too :)


Take A Shower

The morning routine can be filled with stress and anxiety, but taking a shower should never feel like one of those tasks you’re forced to do later in the day.
Moms deserve time for themselves just as much or more than anyone else! Make sure your mornings are organized so that they don't start feeling packed full before going off into motherhood mode where there's always something happening at all hours which leaves little room left over from everyday life - including bathrooms breaks (even if we try really hard).                    

Have A Morning Routine

Routines are essential for keeping your brain and body healthy with all the family business. Routineless days can be hard on both our mental state as well as physical health, so it's best to have some typical events that we follow each morning! I love following this particular routine because not only do they get me prepared in advance which helps reduce stress during busy times at work or school; but also means more productivity throughout the day since everything has been planned out beforehand

Read Or Listen To A Book

Reading is always good for your mental well-being. It can be difficult to find time during the hectic week, but even just ten minutes of reading will make you feel better! If that isn’t possible then download a podcast or listen in an audiobook on those days when it's hard because this too has been shown provide similar benefits as other forms such books and paperbacks do so give them ago see what they think about their new hobby while going through life being productive

Go Outside

Moms often feel like aliens in their own house when they have so much to do inside. They need some time out of doors, fresh air and freedom from all the pressure at home-and this can be hard with bad weather or just too many responsibilities on one’s shoulders! But there is always something you could do: take 10 minutes for yourself before bed; go outside even if it seems cold (you will thank me later); let loose by opening up as many windows during cooking hour – these little breaks make such a big difference!!

Drink Water

Water is the best way to stay hydrated during your busy days! But sometimes we forget about drinking enough water and instead rely on other beverages like coffee or soda.
A great solution? These new “tag-along" bottles that will remind you never ever miss a sip again - no matter where life takes them!

Cross Something Off Your Personal To-Do List

 When we feel like our to-do list is never going anywhere, the best thing that can happen is for us just take a step back and do something fun. Maybe it's reading an article you've been meaning too or watching your favorite show on TV - whatever floats your boat! The point here isn't whether these things are productive (although some may argue they aren’t), but rather taking time out of our hectic days helps make life more enjoyable as well which has positive effects beyond ourselves

Say No

say no to your friends, family members and co-workers who are asking for too much of your time. It’s important that you remember this because moms often take on more than they can handle which makes it hard sometimes when everyone needs something different from us but we should all balance our lives accordingly!

Be Social

I know it sounds crazy but we moms need friends too! Get out there and make some new ones. You could meet up with your local mothers group for a coffee or go on an adventure together at the library—whatever floats yer boat, just make sure that you are socializing regularly because this will help keep those feelings of loneliness away while being attentive to our kids' needs along the way ;)

Give A Task To Your Spouse

I don’t want to sound like I am telling you what do, but if your spouse is available and willing—ask them for help! He or she may be surprised by how much they can get done in just an hour. It will make life easier on everyone involved because dad won't have as many things piling up at home while mom enjoys some time away from taking care of all those duties alone.

Take Vitamins

Meeting with your doctor to find out which specific vitamins you need could be the key for a boost in energy.
Don’t forget that taking multivitamins is an easy way of getting all those important nutrients!


Meal Plan

Planning out what you are having for dinner before the day begins is one of those things that can make life so much easier. There's nothing like coming home from a long day, making yourself some good old-fashioned comfort food and not even caring about how many calories there were in it because all we want at this point after working hard throughout our lives isn't weight loss--it’s just happiness! 


If you need some motivation to get up and move, we’ve got it! Our bodies are built for movement. The more we move around the better our chances of living a healthy life with strong muscles and happy hearts—just like these guys here who look so happy because they know that running is good exercise (and also makes them sweat)!

Conclusion paragraph: Taking care of yourself should be a top priority for all moms, but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we put together this handy checklist of the best daily self-care practices for busy moms. From drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep to taking some time for yourself each day, these tips will help you feel your best so you can take on whatever comes your way. And if you need a little extra TLC, be sure to check out our line of organic drops and balms by calmamama — they’re perfect for soothing away stress and tension. What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!