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Top 5 ways to make life easier after baby arrives

No matter if you’re expecting your first or if you’re a seasoned mama, life after baby can be something we don’t really think about until it happens.

And that’s okay!

You are too busy creating an amazing life inside of you, amongst all of the other responsibilities that you have.

You may be thinking about it a little bit, like about what to pack in your hospital bag, or what coming home outfit for the baby you’ll choose.

This is a busy time for you so those big things you have to do fill up your time.

However, there are a few things that you can and should be thinking about that are going to make the transition from hospital to home seamless.

Now, I’m not saying that things are going to be perfect and you’re going to get all of this done.


What I am saying is, that if you take most of these things into any consideration at all, they will only help you once you get home, and your postpartum journey will begin so much smoother!

So, to help you out there are five tips to make your postpartum life so much easier so you can enjoy your new bundle of joy.

1 Preparing Your Food

 You’re going to want to make sure you definitely have meals planned!

Now, hear me out. I have 5 kids and sometimes I don’t know what’s going to be on the table for dinner until a few hours (sometimes minutes) beforehand! So trust me when I say I really do get it.

This doesn’t have to be tedious. It can be as in-depth or as simple as you make it! You can cook some great meals and freeze them for later.

Or, what about just grocery shopping so you can make sure once you’re home you don’t have to leave for at least a few days?

Doing either of those two things can easily take some pressure off. Also, don’t rely on other people! It’s amazing when people do meal trains, but instead, just think of it as a bonus and a night off from cooking, if someone does decide to bring you dinner!

And hey, leftovers are great too! 

Here are some ways you can prepare your food:

  • Make meals and freezing them for later.
  • Make a list and going grocery shopping so your fridge and freezer are fully stocked.
  • Grab snacks for the hospital AND for at home.

It’s a good idea to at least get a good plan on your first few meals coming home! My special dinner once we got home was ordering pizza, and then after that, I made the meals I had already planned and had in the house.


2 Cleaning And Organizing

I know that I can’t be the only mama who likes walking into a clean home! There is something about bringing a baby home from the hospital into a clean home, and all that’s left to do from the moment you get in is sit down and love on your baby!

My husband started this when we had our 3rd baby. He outdid himself with cleaning out my car, cleaning and fully setting up the nursery, and then we both tag-teamed the bedroom and bathrooms.

We also made sure our older kids had their rooms cleaned too! It just helped a smooth transition.

Doesn’t coming home to a clean home and not having to really do any housework for at least a day sound great? Now, this doesn’t always happen. I was induced with all 5 of my kids, so I had the time to make sure this got done.

If I had gone into labor spontaneously, I’m certain I would have come home to a hot mess!

So, in my opinion, it’s best to tackle this a little bit at a time. There are definitely ways to make cleaning and housework easier, so it takes the load off a little bit if that were to happen!

 Here are some ways to prepare by tidying up these areas:
Clean your bedroom and getting the bassinet ready (or crib, wherever the baby will sleep!).
Make sure the nursery is pristine and clean.
Tidy up the living room.
Clean the kitchen.
Catch up on laundry 
Clean out the car and installing a car seat.

3 Preparing For Change

The best way to prepare for being a new parent is by preparing yourself and knowing what you need. This includes making sure that everything from medical appointments, phone calls with doctors or family members go smoothly as well as dealing efficiently through insurance companies' hoops if necessary!

Here are a few things you may have to do, that you’ll want to be prepared for:

  • Make and keep your and your baby’s doctor appointments.
  • Get your baby’s insurance card, also call them to notify them of birth
  • Obtain your baby’s birth certificate.
  • Notify your work and keep the lines of communication open about what to expect on both your end and theirs.

4 Saying Yes To Help

This one can be so tough. I know that my own self-care is still a work in progress, even with the help of someone who loves and respects me as much or more than they would if we were alone together!
But sometimes - no matter how good things may seem on paper- you need an extra hand to get through those rough moments when everything feels overwhelming; like there's not enough time for anything but just trying your best all day long…and then finally feeling exhausted at night from stress


There is no harm in asking someone you trust to help you out, or accepting help. We are strong women, but we have to take care of ourselves…because no one else is going to! That’s a hard concept but it’s so true.

Here are a few ways you can say yes to help!

  • Let someone watch the baby while you nap or shower.
  • Just enjoy someone else’s company…we all need that interaction!
  • Let someone treat you to dinner.

5 Relax!

It's so important to pace yourself and take care of your body during pregnancy. Your mood can affect the baby, which is why it’s vital for moms-to have a good time while they're pregnant!
I know sometimes relaxation feels like an obligation but think about how much better you'll feel later on when all those endorphins kick in? And don't forget that taking some easy steps now will make life easier down the road with kids or other responsibilities--so enjoy this wonderful stage as best ya able (and try not hit any ceilings)!

Remember that None of This is Going to Happen Overnight!

We know that each of you has your own unique situation and plan for this new life coming into being. But we also wanted to share with everyone else out there who might be wondering how they can get started- whether it’s by starting small or taking a big leap at once! One thing is guaranteed though - if YOU don't do anything then no progress will ever happen so keep plugging away one step at an hour until something sticks (and maybe even flourish!).

 Conclusion paragraph: Congratulations on your new arrival! Becoming a parent is an amazing experience, but it can also be challenging. These five tips will help make life a little easier after baby arrives. If you’re looking for more ways to make life with a newborn easier, check out our line of organic drops and balms by calmamama. Our products are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals, so they are safe for both you and your baby. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you relax and enjoy this special time in your life.