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Welcoming Autumn: How to Prepare your Baby for the Cooler Season

The autumn season is around the corner and it's time to get your little angel ready for chilly weather. Here are some tips on how you can do that in order not only keep them comfortable, but also healthy this upcoming winter!

Dress your Baby Right

Avoid overloading your baby with heavy cloths when it's cold and you need to keep them warm. Choose thin layers that they can easily take off in order for nappy changes, but always give one extra layer than what is required of both parent/child during free time! During these colder months online shopping has become really popular because many people want cosy clothes like coats or jumpers which will be useful throughout autumn - don't forget about those deals where stores offer discounts on their last Seasons' lines before doors close forever!

Use Moisturiser

When autumn is near, it's important to have the right moisturiser for your child. This can help keep them warm and dry during these colder months when temperatures drop drastically outside of their comfort zone! Make sure you choose one that does not contain harmful chemicals such as Those Withdrawing Agents or Persistent Organic pollutants (Pops). The best way would be asking other parents who may know what works well based off recommendations from those with experience using babies' skin care products firsthand - then do some research into brands available online/in stores before buying anything just yet!.

Hands and Heads

It is crucial to keep your baby's head and hands warm during autumn. You can do this by providing them with an insulated hat or mittens that cover both ears as well cheeks for maximum warmth without sacrificing adorability!

Getting About

There's no reason why you and your baby can't enjoy some fresh air while out shopping. If it rains, just take cover under a storeumbrellar or hop onto one of those strollers with snuggly bags that keep everything dry - they're perfect for cold weather! The best part about going online? You'll be automatically entered into any contests we have running so make sure to check back often as these offer great coupons codes which will help save money on all sorts
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Use The Right Room Temperature

In order to keep your child feeling comfortable, you should set the temperature of their room between 18 degrees Celsius and 20 degree celsius. You can use a thermometer in this instance as well; if it's too hot or cold for an adult wearing only light clothing then there is no way that they'll be able stay healthy!

Keep them hydrated:

Just because it's not hot outside doesn't mean your baby isn't at risk of becoming dehydrated. Be sure to offer them plenty of breast milk or formula throughout the day and avoid extended periods between feedings. If you're bottle-feeding, pack extra bottles and formula in case you get stranded somewhere or have trouble finding a place to stop and feed your baby. 

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Conclusion paragraph: As the weather starts to cool down, it’s important to take some precautions to make sure your baby stays safe and comfortable. Follow these simple tips for dressing your baby in autumn, and you can relax and enjoy all of the activities this season has to offer. And if you need a little help keeping your baby calm and comfortable, be sure to check out our line of organic drops and balms from Calmamama