for Calm Drops:
"I cannot say enough amazing things about this product. I have an incredibly stressful job that requires me to be on call around the clock and these drops have calmed my anxiety many times over the last few weeks. I don't leave home without them - always in my purse. They taste great, beautiful product design, really just love them!" - Devon
for Teeth+Tummy Drops:
"These are the greatest! My whole family uses them for stomach and teething issues. They are very tasty and always seem to do the trick. I always have a bottle in my to go bag and at home. Thank you for making an this incredible organic magic!" - Stephanie
for Focus Drops:
"My husband and I have been dealing with mild ADD for years. Now that I have 2 kids I decided that I didn't want chemicals in our home but still needed to be focused. I have tried a bunch of different holistic products but nothing has worked as well as these drops! I am so thankful to have found them. Thank you Calm-A-Mama!" - Bryttany
for Sleep Drops:
"Sometimes mama needs a little push to get the brain to shut the frick up so she can get some rest." - Christine
for Happy Drops:
"I love this stuff so much. It's delicious and I feel like it actually lifts my mood when I use it." - @patchouli_forests

Absolutely love these. Wish I could order a case.  ●  Been loving this, love the idea of these drops. ●  Love this. My son does too!! ●  Amazing. ●  LOVE, love love. ●  I had been wanting to try these for a long time! Love them! ●  Delicious and calming - easy way to make me feel a bit more relaxed during anxious moments! ●  I love this so much that I bought 2 more of their flower essences! ●  Good taste! ● I love these ●  Tastes fantastic, add to my Hydrosol collection. ●  Really worked! Anything that keeps me uplifted is great for me ●  This is tasty and has a calming effect ●  Take a drop every morning before work to start the day! ●  Great for when work has me stressed, a few drops and I'm good to go ●  Actually taste delicious which in itself can make you feel happier ●  Love these, recommended to a friend as well ●  I loved this! Tastes great and it's a nice way to center myself when feeling overwhelmed. ●  I love how this supplement creates a warming sensation. It tastes amazing... and I love to use it to assist with my anxiety. ●  Very effective, even calms into a good night sleep. ●  Work great! I definitely notice a difference. ●  Love this stuff !! for a mom of two on stressful days I take this and it helps me relax. ●  LOVE. ●  I've never had anything like this! These drops taste like a warm field of wildflowers, I love it. ●  I keep these in my desk at work, great to boost my mood throughout the day ●  These work wonderfully and taste so good! ●  Addicted! ●  Very soothing and relaxing. ●  I use it everyday and it just the right thing for a stressful day at work ●  I can't believe how great these drops taste, plus they are a good relaxer when I'm feeling stressed ●  Use these everyday ●  Where has this been my whole life?!? ●  As a chronic sufferer of anxiety these drops take the edge off! They are sweet and warm in the tongue and I highly recommend them ●  Take this as part of my morning routine. Love it so much ●  Have used several times; has nice flavor that is not overpowering. ●  Definitely a product I'll be purchasing again.I use this every morning. ●  HOW DO THESE EVEN EXIST?! I love them so much. ●  Really love these, use them almost daily! ●  It may just be in my head, but it feels like a treat and makes me happy:) ●  A new must have! Wish I had these when my kiddos were little! ●  OhMyGoddess I loved them so much I immediately bought all of their drops and they are wonderful. ●  Thoroughly enjoy these yummy herbal pick me ups ●  Tasty ~ again I used it daily (past tense, now all gone). It was apart of my morning ritual. ●  These drops are wonderful! They taste great and I take them before bed to help calm my run-on thoughts. ●  These drops go in my water every day at work. I have enjoyed them a lot, and they keep me upbeat in a tough work environment. ●  This product is great it's a wonderful pickmeup when I'm feeling down. ●  I did feel the benefits of this supplement, but it was a bit sweet for me! ●  These calmed me down when I was going to babysit five kiddos. Definitely a good product. ●  I use this everyday now! ●  The happy drops are nice, even my daughter likes them! 

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