New Moon Elixir: Herbal Remedies for Moon Phases
New Moon Elixir: Herbal Remedies for Moon Phases

New Moon Elixir: Herbal Remedies for Moon Phases

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Before each new moon there arrives a gift on your doorstep. A whispering of just what you need. Botanical magic for your evolution.  

We blend pure and organic herbs into delicious elixirs that will support your mind, body and soul. Each moon you'll receive a new custom-created herbal elixir to last you the whole month.  We'll also include an affirmation card to carry you through the month.
Each month's product will be totally different - we will custom blend an elixir from a hydrosol base and add flower essences to it.  It will be formulated to match the seasons and the energetic shifts - different herbs are important at different times of the year and our journeys. In March, for example, it will be focused on the new moon in Pisces...helping us support our processes through the upcoming month.
Always organic, alcohol-free & formulated to be gentle enough for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.
This is a subscription product. It will auto-renew unless you select a prepaid option and check the the gift option. Get a discount when you pre pay for 6-12 months. No matter when you order, your elixir will ship the week before the new moon so that you have it in hand to celebrate the monthly chance to begin again. Questions?  Email Us.
Ingredients vary monthly. Always alcohol-free and organic!

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