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Focus Drops

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We know personally how hard it can be to function when your brain just won't settle down.  It impacts your life, your family, your state of mind. If, like me, you struggle with things like the inability to concentratebrain fog and procrastination, then try these drops. 
Unlike other herbal supplements you may have tried that have a bitter or unpleasant taste, Focus Drops include peppermint hydrosol and have a sweet and minty all natural flavor.  
SUGGESTED USE: For a bit of focus, take 2-4 drops on the tongue or sip in a beverage. Do not touch dropper to mouth. Repeat 4-6 times per day as needed. For best results use consistently for a minimum of three weeks.  Effective, yet gentle enough for the whole family. Great for mamas (pregnant & breastfeeding), kids, dads and more.   
  • All Natural Herbal Drops
  • USDA Organic
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Sweet & Delicious
  • Great for Kids and Adults

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    Focus Drops feature a water-based extract of Peppermint with scentless flower essences of Nettle, Tansy and Oregano. This blend is for brain fog and procrastination. Often used as a coffee substitute it gives a subtle energy lift, clarity and decisiveness.

    Organic Peppermint Leaf Water Extract 0.025 ml*
    Organic Flower Extract Blend 0.005 ml*
    Organic Fresh Stinging Nettle flower extract (1:6000),
    Organic Fresh Tansy flower extract (1:6000),
    Organic Fresh Oregano flower extract (1:6000)

    Please note that a flower essence is scentless and odorless and therefore distinct from an essential oil. Flower essences have an extremely high level of safety and can be used by people of all ages.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    4 year old says they are yummy!

    My 4 year old has had a tough time focusing so when I ordered a refill of another product I figured might as well give it a shot.

    They do not disappoint one bit and he loves the taste.

    I don’t know what I would do without them!

    I have terrible insomnia, so my days used to be horrible when I had to wake up early. Now this is the first thing I reach for after I open my eyes, and the effect is almost immediate. My eyes are open and my brain is clear!

    Focus Drops

    I love them, I need them usually after lunch to keep me focused and they work!

    Wonderful Product

    Focus Drops have helped make the first few weeks of being a mama of 3 and a productive wife possible! They help me refocus so I can get several things done in a small amount of time and still devote plenty of time to resting and connecting with our new daughter! The Focus Drops have also helped our oldest son (7) manage homework in a timely manner!

    Exactly what I needed!

    I know now I cant survive on coffee alone most days while running a business and having two toddler sons I was hoping I'd find something that would give me the lift in the morning fog that I needed and Focus drops were exactly that. These have been so perfect for both my husband and myself to get us through those early morning and the midday slump. These are now a staple in our cabinet as well as the sleep drops!