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About Flower Essences

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Flower essences (also known as flower remedies) are gentle, scent-free botanical extracts. They are, simply, tinctures made from flowers, spring water and sunlight; then diluted, in a homeopathic type process.  To make our flower essences we use all USDA certified organic herbs – the highest quality available.  We make 13 pure and beautiful essences and then we combine those into our blends.

The healing power of nature has been known almost since time began. Flowers and plants uplift us. Scents give pleasure, colours and forms entrance us, and the whole splendour of nature nurtures us. On a more physi­cal level, plants give us food and medi­cines.

But it is the invisible level, the level of vibrations, that is really fascinating. Science is starting to get interested in what we all know is true – the healing power of flowers. In the 16th Century Paracelsus described the healing power of dew from flowers. Everything in the world is composed of vibrations, nature (and music) use these vibrations to pro­vide harmonious patterns.

Masuru Emoto, in Japan, has done some fascinating work on the snowflake-like Patterns In Water, that can be left by the purity of the water (not surpris­ing), the effect of music on water (really curious), and the patterns that words and flowers can leave in water (mind blowing).  What is more, everything in the world is connected at a vibrational level, as modern physics and relativity theory tell us.

We all know instinctively which flowers and plants we like to look at. We are now discovering that just seeing them and touching them can help us feel differently. Even more interesting, mak­ing a flower essence, and taking it, can help support our feelings. Nature can help support us to reflect on our expe­riences, moving us on from stuck frames of mind and uplift us. Nature helps us feel better!


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