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“Your products are literally a saving grace. They are gentle but powerful healing for even the most sensitive and overburdened/overwhelmed systems.”
– Sharon G., InTend Wellness

“My 11 month old has had severe colic and acid reflux. Started at 3 weeks old  and lasted until 9 months – not kidding. Mix those 2 issues with my postpartum anxiety and depression and we've had ourselves quite the challenging few months. Calm A Mama drops have been a godsend for us!”
– Alisha L., Pawtucket, RI


“There are people out there who know when a day, situation or experience will be anxiety inducing before it even happens. I am one of those people. These drops are the calm before the storm. They allow me to still feel all my own authentic feelings, for half of her life for her anxiety, these drops are a game changer.”
– Joy F., Warwick, RI

“These calming drops helped me to stay calm during some unfortunate loss in my family. I took it about 3 x times a day, and my normal anxiety was under control.”
– Amanda H., Los Osos, CA

“Calm drops are my kids and I use them in addition to taking a few deep breaths. I love how immediately they work...and I love that they are natural and safe for everyone in my family.”
– Nina G., Arlington, VA

"I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. My doctor always prescribed pharmaceuticals, but my family and I prefer homeopathic (and organic if we can afford it)! These drops hit the spot every time and instantly too! Couple drops in the morning helps to sort the day off smoothly and smiling :) I will be a customer for life!"
– Courtney

"These drops are fantastic. I use them on my kids when they are overtired and everything is just wrong. And I also take some so I can calm down and appropriately respond to their needs."
– Laura

"I just received Calm Drops, and OMG, how have I not tried them sooner??? I had to psych myself up to take them, thinking they were going to taste similar to another calming drops brand, and the Calm Drops actually tasted great! They're so sweet, and palatable! I'll definitely be a return customer!"
– Jade

"I suffered from pretty severe postpartum depression. Adding Calm Drops to my daily routine helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about being a new mother. I am so appreciative that this was around after the birth of my first son. I tell all my friends about them and they love them!! Thank you!"
– Heather

"I finally ordered my calm drops! It's been a week since I've been taking the drops. I can honestly say I've seen a change in my anxiety levels. I have struggled with "Anxiety " for the majority of my life. It truly hit me head on when I had my second daughter two years ago. It was so bad I couldn't drive. I didn't want to leave my house. I know ppd also had a part in this also.  I was on antidepressants 8 years ago. I remember vividly weaning off of the meds. It was pure "Hell" for me. I made the choice that I couldn't do that again. So I have taken a more natural route with controlling my anxiety. The calm drops have been my saving grace along with therapy. I'm so thankful for calm-a-mama! Reading her blog and realizing I wasn't alone was comfort. It's an amazing feeling that she is helping out mamas all over the country/ world."
– Lolade M.

"I cannot say enough amazing things about this product. I have an incredibly stressful job that requires me to be on call around the clock and these drops have calmed my anxiety many times over the last few weeks. I don't leave home without them - always in my purse. They taste great, beautiful product design, really just love them!"
– Devon

"These are the greatest! My whole family uses them for stomach and teething issues. They are very tasty and always seem to do the trick. I always have a bottle in my to go bag and at home. Thank you for making an this incredible organic magic!"
– Stephanie

"My husband and I have been dealing with mild ADD for years. Now that I have 2 kids I decided that I didn't want chemicals in our home but still needed to be focused. I have tried a bunch of different holistic products but nothing has worked as well as these drops! I am so thankful to have found them. Thank you Calm-A-Mama!"
– Bryttany

Sometimes mama needs a little push to get the brain to shut the frick up so she can get some rest."
– Christine

"I love this stuff so much. It's delicious and I feel like it actually lifts my mood when I use it."
– @patchouli_forests

"A couple drops and my 10 year old is out like a light every night!"
– Amanda

"Our 4 year old son has always had a hard time going and staying asleep. I'd thought I would try the sleep drops and OH MY GOODNESS they have been a game changer! Not only does he go to sleep faster, he stays asleep all night! Love love love!!!"
– Kristen

Absolutely love these. Wish I could order a case. ● Love this. My son does too!! ● Delicious and calming - easy way to make me feel a bit more relaxed during anxious moments! ● Really work! Anything that keeps me uplifted is great for me ● This is tasty and has a calming effect ● Great for when work has me stressed, a few drops and I'm good to go ● Tastes great and it's a nice way to center myself when feeling overwhelmed. ● I love how this supplement creates a warming sensation. It tastes amazing... and I love to use it to assist with my anxiety. ● Very effective, even calms into a good night sleep. ● Work great! I definitely notice a difference. ● Love this stuff !! for a mom of two on stressful days I take this and it helps me relax. ● LOVE. ● I keep these in my desk at work, great to boost my mood throughout the day ● Use these everyday ● Where has this been my whole life?!? ● As a chronic sufferer of anxiety these drops take the edge off! ● Take this as part of my morning routine. Love it so much ● HOW DO THESE EVEN EXIST?! I love them so much. ● Really love these, use them almost daily! ● A new must have! Wish I had these when my kiddos were little! ● Thoroughly enjoy these yummy herbal pick me ups ● These drops are wonderful! They taste great and I take them before bed to help calm my run-on thoughts. ● These calmed me down when I was going to babysit five kiddos. Definitely a good product. ● I love this product. It has helped me a lot with anxiety, but more importantly it has helped my year old daughter. She has terrible panic attacks and general anxiety and this helps her to calm down. ● Absolutely love love these drops!!! I use them everyday and have definitely felt a difference in my moods!