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Our Promise

Peace can mean many things.

It can mean a better night’s sleep. It can mean a calm mind. It can mean confidence that you and your family have access to things that support your capacity to get healthy and strengthen your immune systems. It can mean having an ally, somewhere out there, who always has your back.
Peace can mean any of those things.

We know the secret: we know peace means them all at the same time.
Those things and so much more.

Calm-a-Mama understands that life whirls out of control like dust devils. Disarray smacks into us and drives away peace. Sometimes it feels like we can never find peace again. Yet life just keeps going. At times, it feels untenable. We understand that. At Calm-a-Mama we understand that the dearest commodity, sometimes, is a little peace of mind.


We have made it our personal mission to create the safest botanical drops and most effective skincare products for every person, no matter the age and stage in life: from infants, babies and teens, to pregnant and nursing mothers. Of course, relying on organic, cruelty-free ingredients, because Mother (Earth) knows best!


We go extra for you...


We honor the Art and Science of wielding the healing power of nature.

We believe in bringing our customers the freshest, safest and most potent product possible.

We’re here to do something about the little worries in life.