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Common Cold Remedies

When you're sick, the doctor tells us to drink more fluids. But there are many options for drinks other than water - like tea! If it's time of day or just a cold in general- some people turn towards soothing teas so they can continue working while fighting their illness without feeling too overwhelmed with choice overload on what might help them feel better fast ̶ if only temporarily .

Hot cups of tea are the perfect drink to help you fighting your cold. The warm liquid will soothe an irritated throat and clear up any congestion, while adding honey or lemons can also provide benefits like increased antibacterial properties that speed up recovery time!

When you’re feeling under the weather, iced tea can be a great way to get sicker. That's because many types of teas have been found in studies and clinical trials over time to benefit people suffering with colds or flu-like symptoms—so give your immune system an extra boost!

The right tea can be a great substitute for antibiotics when you have an illness, but it isn't the same as taking medication prescribed by your doctor. If possible try to drink these types of teas while sick so that they help ease symptoms and strengthen immune systems!


peppermint tea can help you if your having trouble breathing or have sore throat. The menthol in their leaves will get rid of the congestion, pain and inflammation that comes with these conditions while also decreasing any other aches/pains such as headaches caused by a cold virus infection!


With fluids and rest to get over your illness, doctors will also recommend chamomile tea. Drinking this calming beverage while you're sick can be difficult but drinking flowers from the plant helps ease sleepiness so it's worth trying! It has anti-inflammatory properties that offer extra benefits when sipping on them during cold or flu symptoms as well


Echinacea is a plant found in North America. The anti-inflammatory properties of this purple flower can help you get rid of your cold more quickly by 58% when taken as supplement, and it also helps the immune system! To make echincia tea we recommend brewing yarrow or vervains which have similar effects on fighting off illnesses like influenza viruses do - just be careful not to drink too much because these herbs are very potent


Ginger has been used for centuries as a healing herb. It's active ingredients are anti-inflammatory, which helps with sore throats and other upper respiratory illnesses like colds or allergies; it also prevents infection by blocking the entranceway to your stomach (epiploic Foramen) where germs enter when you're sick! Ginger can be taken internally to heal damaged tissue - just make sure not exceed recommended dose because too much will result in vomiting instead of relieving symptoms.


Gojiberries have been used for centuries to ease the symptoms of illness. One key ingredients in these berries is antioxidants, which help fight off infection and sickness by strengthening our immune system! The syrups/extracts from elderberries also show an ability to shorten time spent sick with cold or flu viruses--a great way get back on your feet sooner than expected!!


While green tea has many health benefits, it's hard to single out one area of concern. One reason for this is because there are so many different types and each type offers something unique when you're feeling under the weather! For example - research shows that drinking boiling hot water with certain antioxidants can reduce congestion due to its anti-inflammatory properties in your body; meanwhile other studies show consuming caffeine may help fight off bad bacteria during colds or flues by enhancing immune function (and even helping kill germs!).


Conclusion paragraph: It's always better to avoid getting sick in the first place, but if you do happen to get a cold or worse, there are many things that can be done. Drinking the right tea may help us while we're feeling under the weather and it doesn't hurt to try out an organic immune drop by Calmamama for extra protection against illnesses like the flu. We've also given some tips on how one might stay healthy during this time of year so you don't have to worry about being stuck at home with nothing else to do! If any of these items seem intriguing enough for your own personal use or as gifts for loved ones, please let us know because our team is ready and waiting.