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4 Best Gifts for New Moms To Help Her Treat Herself

If you know a new mom, then chances are she is going through at least some of the following: exhaustion from lack of sleep and stress, changes to her body that have caused weight gain or loss as well as stretch marks or scars on top of hormonal fluctuations. In other words it's no wonder why many moms might feel down right now! But don't worry because we've got just what your friend needs...

If you know a new mom, then chances are she is going through at least some if not all these things: exhaustion from lack of sleep and stress; physical discomforts like weight change/loss due to breastfeeding + gaining pregnancy pounds back; 

1. New moms need their sleep. Give them a gift of Calmamama, which is a package with organic drops.

Do you know someone who just had a baby? Maybe your sister, best friend, or mom? This person needs to rest and take care of themselves. Give them the gift of relaxation with this Calmamama Gifts Set! It includes organic drops that are safe for breastfeeding moms. They'll love these calming oils that make it easy to get some sleep at night after all those sleepless nights with their new bundle of joy.

2. Spa Day - take mom to her favorite salon and let her relax with some pampering

A spa day is a special gift for new moms. As the baby becomes more and more independent, mom needs to take time for herself. The best way to do that is with a relaxing day at the spa!

4. New Wardrobe - it can be hard finding clothes that fit after pregnancy, so treat mom to some new outfits!

A post-pregnancy wardrobe is a thoughtful gift for new moms. This can be expensive, so save money by buying gently used maternity clothes. You might also consider donating your own maternity clothes that are still in good condition to help other women who are expecting or have just given birth.

Conclusion:The best gifts for new moms are ones that help the mom and baby get off to a good start. One of our favorite things is happy drops at Calmamama, which has been clinically proven to reduce stress hormones in moms who use it during pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum. You can also check out some other great gift ideas on this list here!