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Suffering from Stress & Anxiety? Get some natural calm

Why face stress & turmoil on your own? Organic Calm Drops are custom-made for those stressful situations. Use this soothing remedy when you're up against:

- In-law visits – need we say more?

- Doctor visits – why do they always feel like the Inquisition?

- Plane travel & car trips – calming for you and your infant alike; perfect antidote to road rage.

- Those terrible twos – crucial for mama & toddler survival.

- Before the Spotlight – presentations and other occasions when you're on the spot.

You'll find many more opportunities to benefit from these stress-relief drops. Use as needed... and enjoy!

How soon can you use your Calm Drops?

You'll be glad to know you can use these amazing Calm Drops anytime you want. Simply:

- Take 2-4 drops by mouth as needed.

- Repeat up to 6 times per day.

- Use for at least 3 weeks for maximum effect.

And remember, in addition to adult use (yep, pregnant and nursing too!) you can also use Calm-A-Mama Drops to soothe your fussy baby right from birth! For best results, let your little one suck the drops from off your clean finger... or from your nipple during breastfeeding.

calm drops by calm a mama
Ready to have your say about Calm-A-Mama? Some folks have noticed benefits like less sensitivity to noise and light, ease of breathing, vision feeling clearer, and more! We'd love to hear how Calm Drops help you.

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