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How to find time for exercise when you're a working mum

When you're a busy mum, finding the time and motivation to exercise can seem way off your priority list. But in reality it should be one of them because exercise influences so much! It could reduce risk for heart disease, change mindset (less stress), help with weight loss or really does apply no matter who exercises—even if there are kids involved that seems like an impossible task sometimes but don't worry; just start small by walking every day then build up from there as long as its manageable at first without sacrificing other important things such as pain management/recovery after surgery etc

Exercise Doesn’t have to be a Challenge

Exercise doesn't have to be a challenge, you don’t need technique or an extensive knowledge of sports. You can exercise from the comfort of your own home in various ways with flexibility as long as it's done at times that work for you! Exercise could take place on TV while watching Netflix (or other online videos), exercising using equipment found around our house like resistance bands and stability balls--all under direct sunlight outside if possible because vitamin D is important too :)

As a mum myself, I know we can over analyse every little thing in our lives and are always looking for an excuse. It's exhausting! When you have stress or do try to fit exercise into the time that is left over from caring for your kids - there’s not enough of it sometimes because everyone thinks differently about priorities but mostly moms don't get any breaks when they're at home with their family which makes things even more difficult on us mothers who need support ourselves instead if having other people telling us how much harder this job really isn't than what most people think.You feel like time and energy are in short supply, but you know that it is not always the case.
After all, we tell ourselves these things often enough to justify our lack of motivation at times!

We all know that exercise is important to our health, but when you're a working mum it can be difficult to find time for physical activity. This blog post will give you some tips on how to stay fit when your schedule is tight! 

1 – Get up early in the morning 

Getting up early in the morning to include exercise into your busy schedule is a great way to stay healthy and fit. You can start by doing 10 minutes of cardio or strength training before work, do 30 minutes after dinner, or take a walk with the family on the weekends. What’s good about waking up early: you have more time to work out than later in the day because you don't need as much sleep and it's easier for kids who go to bed at 8pm. Plus, we all know how important sleep is!  Keep reading for some tips on getting started if this sounds like something that interests you!

2 – Fitting an exercise session in around waking up or going to sleep

Working out in bed is a great way to solve your time problem. I get it: some days you just can't make the kids let their guard down so they allow for an hour and half workout, but what about when we're on our own schedules? Sometimes all that's needed really are 10 minutes or less! Sleep mat exercises like planks with hip opens will give your muscles just enough work without making them sweat too much- not only does this keep things interesting between showers (ahem), but these types of workouts also provide health benefits as well... two times per week should do nicely;

3 – Getting your kids involved

Kids love to have fun, jump around and be kids. So why not combine that with a good workout? You could turn your child’s favorite music into dancing or create an exercise routine for all of you together as one big family unit! Not only is it healthy but exercising alongside them means more quality time spent together too - people think if we're "mum's the word" then mothers can't do anything right anymore when really there are alternatives like joining in their activities instead of always going at different times than father does later on down his workday.

4– Mix exercise with cleaning and chores

We all have to clean and tidy so why not mix the two together? My favourite go-to is a motivational podcast on my headphones while cleaning. You can lunge, squat or do pushups in between tasks - it'll give you an extra boost of energy if your mind's already focused! If exercising isn't quite possible because life gets too busy then this will still help keep blood flowing through those tired muscles (and who doesn't need some circulation?).You can lunge as hoovering with squats in between polishing (and maybe even do push ups) before checking under furniture- there are SO many options available when channeling yourself into an active mind full of energy

 5–Does competition motivate you?

Motivation is a tricky thing to find, but you can get it with your gear. A watch tracker will give feedback and provide motivation for how well or bad of an exercise routine was followed during the day while using one's fitness devices such as heart rate monitors, step counters etc., on working out days! You might also want check in often through competition websites like Fitocracy where there are leaderboards so all areas from weightlifting sessions right downplays calories burned do not feel left behind no matter what equipment we're training under at any given moment

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