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"How to manage mood swings during pregnancy"

Pregnancy is a time of extreme change and growth for women. It's important to remember that the changes your body goes through can affect how you feel, especially during those times when hormones are running rampant. The mood swings many pregnant women experience are real and it's difficult to understand why they happen. One thing we know is that there are ways to cope with these mood swings so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy instead of feeling miserable about them!

1. Recognize mood swings as a normal part of pregnancy

Most women will experience mood swings during their pregnancy. It is normal to feel overly emotional and sensitive, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. The hormones that are surging through your body can cause you to have a disproportionate reaction to things that would normally not bother you as much. In some cases, these feelings may be more severe than others but it is important to recognize them as a normal part of pregnancy rather than trying to ignore or suppress those emotions. Learning how to cope with those feelings will help you enjoy this special time even more! 

2. Don't be too hard on yourself if you have an emotional response to something

Many women experience some sort of emotional response during pregnancy. Some report feeling more relaxed and happy, while others can feel overwhelmed or stressed out. It's normal to have an emotional response, but it doesn't mean that you're doing something wrong or that you don't love your baby. If you notice these feelings coming on, try these tips for calming down:
- Take a bath - Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables - Put on some relaxing music - Spend time with family or friends who make you happy

3. Create a list of things that make you happy and draw from it when needed

Pregnancy is a time of change, growth and development. It can be an emotional roller coaster for some women, but there are many things that make pregnancy a joyous experience. What makes you happy during your pregnancy?   I'll give you my list:   1) feeling the baby move inside me; 2) eating ice cream; 3) buying cute maternity clothes; 4) getting to meet my new little person! What about you? Share with us what makes you happy during your pregnancy in the comments below!

4. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule for the health of both you and baby

It's no secret that sleep deprivation can lead to low energy levels, irritability, and forgetfulness. If you're pregnant, it's especially important to get enough sleep because of how it affects your health and your baby's development. Here are some tips for getting the rest you need during pregnancy:
-Try not to nap more than 30 minutes at a time -Keep electronics out of the bedroom so they don't disrupt your sleep -Find creative ways to manage stress before bedtime (take a bath or read)

5. Keep healthy snacks around, like fruit or nuts, so that you don't end up with low blood sugar levels because your diet is off balance

Pregnancy is a time of major change. You may be feeling bloated, sensitive to smells and tastes, and need more sleep than ever before. One thing that can help? Keeping healthy snacks around! Try fruit or nuts as an alternative to those potato chips you might have been snacking on earlier in your pregnancy.

6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can affect moods in unpredictable ways

You may think that caffeine or alcohol are harmless during pregnancy, but they can have a significant impact on mood swings. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and some sodas. Alcohol is found in beer, wine and hard liquor.  Some studies show that the combination of these two substances increases risk for miscarriage or premature birth by as much as 50%.

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