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"What you need to avoid during pregnancy"

You've been pregnant for a few months now and you're starting to feel like you have a handle on things. But it's time to take another look at what not to do during pregnancy, as there are certain habits that should be avoided from the beginning of your pregnancy until after giving birth. In this blog post, we'll go over 11 things that will help keep both mother and baby healthy.

1-Certain foods

The biggest list of don'ts for pregnant women includes food.
Avoid raw meat and seafood like sushi, oysters (including mussels or clams), undercooked beef/poultry from restaurants that aren’t cooked to your liking - these could be contaminated with toxoplasmosis bacteria which can cross the placenta during pregnancy while harming an unborn baby's development as well posing life-threatening risks if infection occurs in utero leading up until delivery day; likewise other pathogens such listeria found on deli meats might also cause serious illness including but not limited where maternal symptoms may include high fever causing abnomenia usually affecting both mother and baby.

Avoid smoked seafood that's been refrigerated and is also avoid raw eggs because they can carry listeria, salmonella. Soft cheese like Roquefort, feta Gorgonzola Camembert Brie are not good for you to eat in general as well since there could be bacteria on them; Mexican cheeses such as queso blanco pose an additional risk due their high levels of moisture which makes it easier for these types off bacteria grow!



Caffeine is a drug that can have dangerous consequences for expectant mothers. Drinking your usual few cups of coffee every day will increase blood pressure, heart rate and number trips to the restroom while also crossing over into baby's system where it might cause further complications. While moderate levels are considered safe (defined as 150 - 300 mg), you should be careful about what other substances like chocolate contain caffeine because those too may pose risks if misused during pregnancy or breastfeeding periods

3-  Certain medications

It is important to be aware of the medications you take, because some drugs may have harmful effects on your unborn baby.  One medication that can have a negative impact on an unborn baby is an antidepressant called Fluoxetine (Prozac). This medication may cause serious problems for your unborn child's brain development and increase the risk for miscarriage. Talk with your doctor about what type of treatment would best suit you during this time.

4- Stilettos

Wondering if you can still wear your favorite high heels while pregnant? The answer is no, at least not during the first trimester. High-heeled shoes are designed to create a long leg line, which will make your legs appear shorter. This can cause back pain and other discomfort in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you want to keep wearing heels during pregnancy, opt for flats or wedges that have an even platform rather than one with a significant difference between the front and back of the shoe; these types of shoes will help reduce strain on your feet and joints as well as provide more stability when walking.

5-Hot tubs and saunas

As a pregnant woman, it's important to be mindful of what you should avoid because of your baby. One thing that many mothers don't know is that hot tubs and saunas are not recommended while you are pregnant. It can raise the risk for overheating which can cause birth defects or miscarriages.


Avoid alcohol during pregnancy for the sake of you and your baby. Alcohol passes quickly from mommy’s bloodstream through her placenta to little one, who absorbs many valuable nutrients in its passage (BPA). This can lead both mother AND child alike towards developmental disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or Brain Damage- even if they don't show any outward signs at first! Pregnant ladies should also be aware that while there are no guarantees when it comes down choosing what flavor drinks will make their way into this world - wine has been linked with an increased riskolls miscarriage among other things; beer poses similar dangers but over time instead so use caution if choose those

6-Sitting or standing for too long

The most important thing to remember during pregnancy is that you need time for yourself. It's hard enough dealing with your changing body, mood swings and all the changes in life as it is--staying seated or standing too long can make these problems worse! Try taking short walks around the office every hour if possible; even just getting up from an uncomfortable position once every few hours will help release some of those built-up toxins we have no choice but release when pregnant.

You might be reading a lot of articles online about what you should and shouldn't do while pregnant. There's some good information out there, but also some that is just flat-out wrong. The best way to make sure you're getting the right info is to consult with your doctor for advice on pregnancy related topics 

Conclusion paragraph: Pregnancy is a time of changes and growth, for both the mom-to-be and her family. It can be challenging to balance all of these new things with your daily routine. To help you out we've compiled some tips on what not to do during pregnancy that will make it easier for you and your baby. Organic happy drops by Calmamama are the perfect way to improve moods at home or work as they're made from natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile, lemon balm & spearmint leaf extract - without any added sugar!

We hope this article has been informative and provided you with the information to support your decision-making process during pregnancy.