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Unique and thoughtful gifts for the expectant mother in your life

Since you are reading this, it’s likely that someone close to your heart is having a baby. Sometimes there's just not enough time in the day and we all need some help from our friends!
A pregnant friend deserves recognition too so I put together these lists of perfect gifts for her - ones which won't be overwhelmed with joy when they open them but instead feel thrilled knowing their loved one cares about them deeply during such an important life transition ̶-

When you go out of town to visit your parents or want to buy something for the mom who has been there since day one, don't forget about these easy gifts! Here are some ideas that won’t take much time but will make all those little moments together more special.


If you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the expectant mother in your life, we suggest checking out the organic drops and balms from calmamama. These products have been carefully crafted with natural ingredients to provide relief during pregnancy and help soothe new mothers. Plus, they come in beautiful packaging that is perfect for gifting! Visit their website today to learn more about their products and how they can benefit you or someone special in your life.


What a great gift! If your mom is an avid caffeine consumer, get her favorite flavor of ground coffee beans and put it in this really cute travel mug from Comfify. Trust me when I say that after baby comes she'll need all the help we can give her with staying awake—so make sure there are some goodies on hand for those first few weeks home after birth too :)


When mom gets back from her break, she'll be more than ready for a little one-on-one time with you. She may even feel like modeling some new outfits inspired by all of these fun activities!
The key is to offer your support and help care fill the baby while giving moms what they need most: restful sleep so their backs don't give out on them or any other injuries that can happen when holding tiny humans constantly throughout an entire day at work


 Streaming services are a fantastic way to kill time when you have an fussy baby. My personal favorites include audible and Amazon Prime because they give moms access not only movies but also TV shows- something most children love watching! Consider having them try out both of these options so that the mother can find what works best for her needs as well as those around her household who may want some rest too after taking care all day long with kids in tow


Don’t worry about getting back into your pre-baby clothes. We all know it can be tough, but there are some things that will never go out of style and robe or jammies made specifically for postpartum moms is one such item!


The best gifts are the ones that show you care without actually needing anything from your partner. A Mother's Day present for her can be as simple and easy-to–score like getting an Amazon gift card or taking out some cash so she has more spending power on clothes, shoes (or any other item), beauty products etc., especially if it is something we know how much our moms enjoy shopping at times when they don't feel guilty about going into stores because there will always come up with some reason why this particular product would work well enough despite its flaws which might have been overlooked by most customers before now but not us!


I don't know about you, but a clean home would be the best gift ever. It can make life easier for mom and take away her stress while she's trying to balance motherhood with all its demands!
I think this service offers an excellent solution prior-to baby arriving - getting everything set up so that when he/she comes over there will already be something nice waiting on them (and mama!). Later down postpartum though? That might require some different thinking since most new parents are sort of sleep deprived these days...


Giving a new mom the gift of memories is an experience she will never forget. The best thing you can do for her? Split cost with friends and get professional photos taken! It's about time your friend has some great pictures to last throughout their lives as well- especially since they just had a baby boy or girl (or both!). A session at our studio costs around $500 but it doesn't have be all yours; buy several certificates so that everyone gets something nice this year without breaking the bank


Some parents find themselves juggling responsibilities and caregiving tasks 24/7. This can be especially difficult when they're also trying to plan meals, but there are some surprisingly affordable options available that will help make life easier for the new mom! Split this cost with friends so you all pitch in together on something extra crucial: meal delivery services or grocery pickuples?