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A Massage Message for Mama - and for Stretch Marks

You are beautiful, mama.

Whether precious babe is in the womb due to arrive soon, or you have your wee one in your arms, you are radiant with love.

Preparing to be the best mama you can means that you have to remember yourself, too. Self-care is ever so crucial during pregnancy and well after after your baby arrives.  Have a look at Kylee, one of our favourite #calmamamatribe Mamas, and what she has to say about self-care.

It’s all about breathing deep and being mindful about the stage you are in.

Breathe in….

Breathe out….

Close your eyes and try it again. Slow and mindful. Try it for 4 rounds...Make it 8 rounds and we're talking Hatha Yoga territory.

However long you do it for; When you take even these few minutes to quietly sit and breathe, it is awesome how you feel afterward. It sets the tone for the moment and gives you the most wonderful outlook on the day ahead.

Part of the awareness we’re bringing to you is not only for the mind but for the body. We agree that pregnancy is a journey of change and sometimes struggle. It’s a period of your life to be thankful for, with the blessings and, of course, the practical processes of it, too.


Mamahood and revival of the skin

Stretch marks are one of the hallmarks of pregnancy and something to be proud of. Your body goes through miraculous changes when nurturing and carrying a child. The skin moves and stretches and sometimes doesn’t bounce back that easily.

Hormonal factors and the increase in weight can add to the stretching of the skin and the resulting lines. Collagen and elastin that naturally allow for the skin to move and bounce back can often break down during pregnancy. The resulting rush of collagen to the area as a protective measure shows up as the gray or white streaks seen on the belly and hips.

These lines and streaks are beautiful battle scars, mama, and are to be caressed with love, just like breathing deeply embraces the mind.

Breathe in…..

Breath out….

Take a few minutes for yourself and give those battle scars some love.

Whether precious babe is in the womb due to arrive soon, or you have your wee one in your arms, you are radiant with love.

Now is the time, mama

If you are newly pregnant, it is a great time to start the proactive process of avoiding or reducing stretch marks with our Mama Belly Balm. Here's the best part: You can even MAKE someone else do it. 100% Guilt-free.

Think about oxygenation. It combines breathing and gentle massage to improve blood flow in the body and to the skin. Oxygen is essential to the repair and retention of the collagen and elastin that breaks down as the skin lovingly stretches to make way for growing babe.

Use our balm to gently massage the skin in stretch marks prone areas like the hips, breasts, buttocks, and lower belly. Slight pressure and light movement of the hands is all that is needed. Do not massage deeply, as there are pressure points that could promote labor. Softly rub the cream into the skin.

As your baby grows in the womb, they may feel the movements of your hands. Caress your stretch marks, think of your baby, and start the incredible bonding process before your wee one is born.

If you are a new mama and have your precious bundle with you now, the amount of pressure you apply to your belly is up to you. If it feels better to massage the skin deeply to soothe itchiness and redness that can come along with stretch marks, you can do that. Remember the hips, buttocks, and breasts and use a balm such as ours to ease the appearance of redness.

Breathe deeply, and thank your body for the miracle of your child. Use these few moments of massage as a time for yourself. Despite your happiness, emotions can be fragile after giving birth. Hormonal fluctuations, changes in sleep patterns, and the constant business of looking after this new little person in your life point to the need for mama self-care.

So, use an organic product like our beautifully organic Mama Belly Balm to leave your skin feeling refreshed and soothed. Caress those mama battle scars with love and pride, and breathe in the joy of motherhood.

Mama Belly Balm by Calm-a-Mama - Organic Skincare for our CalmamamaTribe

Happy Rubbing, beautiful mamas!
Kristina, Resident Mama @CalmaMama

Kristina massaged her belly (and babes) all three times and loves writing about motherhood and all things calm-a-mama. Join our #calmamamatribe

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