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Mamas crushing it - Celebrating our ever-growing Mama Inner Circle

Babies don't come with instruction manuals. No two babes are the same, even ones who grow and thrive in the same family. But hard as the journey can be sometimes, we have all experienced that joy of crushing it....We would love to hear what has worked for you. Share a favorite way you've calmed your babe or kiddo.

How do you calm your babe or kiddo - Share it with our growing mama Inner Circle

We will be publishing your stories, trials, tribulations and small wins. We know this will put smiles of hope and joy in other moms, so there's no better time than now to get started.

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Here are a few of our favorite shares and affirmations:

1. Baby Massage 

"...from the time each of the boys were born, about a week or so after, I massaged them every night. It isn't as hard as it may seem, although I did take a couple of classes in the beginning.  There are plenty of books and videos and I know for a fact that this quiet time led to better sleeping for me and the babes. It was also a time of bonding for us to wind down each day..."

- Kristina Marie
Resident Mama @Calmamama

Here's a quick article we found today, that may inspire you to embark on this simple calming exercise with your babe: "Baby Massage : How and Why you need to do it"

2. Lullabies - (made up or otherwise)

"I don't have a great singing voice outside the I-don't-care-who's listening" singing in the shower. But my baby always loved the cooing lullabies i sang her. Sara would look up at me, smile, like I had the best voice in the world, even if the lyrics were made up!" 

- Danielle Miller
Social Media Manager, New York 

3. Flower essences 

"I have 5 children and have always used flower remedies. They are perfect for when the babies get restless and antsy when we travel...and to date, Christa is 7 and occasionally gets a little anxious about a school event or because grandma is going always helps to soothe her with conversation and calm drops."

Travel blogger, Mom and Grandma

4. Exercise and Communication

"Strolling with the twins was always a time to talk them through what's around us, so i quietly narrate what a tree is, how the weather is nice, and the things we come across while I pushed them in the baby stroller as babies, and we took walks when they were a bit older. I would even talk to them as I do a workout, streaming something. As soon as one of the girls start seeking attention, I'm like - 'Mommy is working out to be the best mommy ever, I'm almost ready to play with you, Gemma!' Explaining the world to them seems to soothe them. We stay connected that way!"

- Mary Ann Hughes
Homemaker and Blogger, Ohio

This shared story made us think of another mom who's absolutely crushing it, whose determined mindset about postpartum health led to this beautiful post.


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We are absolutely rapt to be sharing stories of mamas #crushingIT in our blog. Just have a look at this heartwarming affirmation by @healyourselfwithnature - beautiful inside and out! 😍💜 Click the link in our Bio to join our growing Mama Inner Circle and let’s be stronger together... #repost 🙅🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🌺 ・・・ 9 MONTHS PREGNANT >> 9 WEEKS POSTPARTUM ✨ #birthpositivity Posting this because how often do we talk about and celebrate postpartum bodies? Many people even think the term ‘postpartum’ means depression. (It actually just refers to the period after giving birth.) This shows how little we talk about it. I’ve never felt as beautiful as the first few days after giving birth. I wish I had more photos of my tummy because the soft squish that was left after having Z was my favorite. Like a comfy little pillow for my baby to lay on and a reminder that I was home to this sweet little boy for 9 months. My body has amazed me. During pregnancy I did super light yoga and made sure to walk every day. My plan was to try to stay fit and work out as much as possible. Ha! 🤢 I lost lots of muscle and gained some extra leg and booty dimples. After giving birth I was super stoked to do yoga again and move my body, which lasted about a day 😂 (who knew you get a surge of energy right after birth, then you get very tired lol) On our babymoon we took daily walks together as a family which we still do now. That’s as much exercise as I’ve done. I wish someone would have told me that I might love my body even more after having a baby. We place so much emphasis on “bouncing back” and getting back in shape, but the truth is I love this shape and have never felt more beautiful. Before getting pregnant I carried around these ideas of my body being ruined/never being the same, of how hard and painful labor would be, and basically how my life would be over after having a child. But it’s made everything better. ... ... ... ... #calmamama #postpartum #postpartumbody #postpartumweightloss #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momcommunity #mothers

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