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Six Reasons Why You Should Trust CBD

CBD has drug stigmas attached to it. I know it, because people always ask me, “Isn’t that weed?”

CBD isn’t weed. It’s genetically related, but it’s not marijuana. We explained this in an earlier post about A Quick Answer to the million dollar question: Nope, if you are looking for a marijuana-induced high, then CBD will be a disappointment for you.

The problem is that cannabis is still a “controlled substance.” It’s yet another example of a decision out of history made in haste by people who didn’t need to deal with the repercussions, because it’s just sort of silly to keep cannabis products on the “controlled substances” list. Alcohol will mess you up more than cannabis. Cannabis products create a thousand times more headache than they deserve.

Especially products like CBD. I can’t really say that, though, because it’s still a controlled substance, and so there is less reputable research into explaining how it’s harmless and actually probably quite beneficial, thus I have limited authority, thus CBD is still impossible to recommend whole-heartedly.

So here is a list of SUGGESTIONS about why you should totally find some way to add CBD to your routines. Some of you. Not everyone. But here are the reasons why, at least, you should relax about it.

  1. It’s amazingly soothing.

My mum had some of the worst eczema you’ve ever seen on her legs. She knew soothing creams. She tried them all, eliminated them all from her regimen, and eventually only used CBD oil to help her out.

  1. It’s pretty good for your skin—and Paula’s Choice says so, and that should be enough choice for you too

So it’s not just weird hippies talking about CBD. Paula’s Choice is a mainstream cosmetics brand with a reputation for being a mainstream cosmetics brand. If they’re saying that the advantages of a plant-based, CBD product will help with de-aging and detoxing, then you know some clean-cut corporate person somewhere could tell that having something cannabis-related wouldn’t ruin the reputation for their multi-gazillion dollar company.

  1. It helps you sleep AND it helps you wake up.

Which are activities that most of us engage in most days, some of us voluntarily. The soothing qualities in CBD are intuitive. They’re famous. But if you get nervous and agitated in the morning, that same calming quality in CBD helps you cope with all the morning BS that people insist on throwing at you every day. It helps you sleep, and it helps you wake up. It’s like the thermos of energy modulation aids. What I want to know is, how does it know the difference?

  1. Are you a panicky sort of person? Of course you are: you’re alive now. If you’re not panicking, you’re not paying attention.

CBD helps with that too. It’s sort of logical. There are a lot of other mood regulators that don’t have any weird stigmas attached to them. People can use all sorts of things to calm themselves down. Alcohol—exercise—coffee (for some people)—food. All sorts of potentially hazardous things, and nobody bats an eye at that. For some reason, CBD oil still has this image of having something to do with drug culture. Even though there’s actually science about this one. CBD oil helps you calm down, and it isn’t (probably) going to kill you.

  1. Do you, like most people, suck at Trivial Pursuit? Or Long Scrabble Marathons?

CBD can’t exactly help with that. But there’s some evidence to suggest that CBD oil will help you if you have problems with your brain just being a little fuzzy. There’s probably other things going on if your mind is a little fuzzy, but CBD probably won’t hurt, and it might help too. It might help with recall and quicker thinking. Then you can have a little better edge at game night.

  1. Scared of the many legendary side-effects of weed? Like the munchies? That horror of horrors!

Well, fear not. The stuff in marijuana that gives you the munchies is absent from CBD. You won’t get an uncontrollable urge to keep Taco Bell in business if you add a little CBD to your self-care regimen.

That said, CBD may have the effect of improving appetite in a more constructive way. You know, that way where you actually have a more healthy appetite.

CBD is exactly like gin...

I didn’t mean it that way.

CBD is exactly like gin in that gin was also once taken far too seriously by the powers that be. CBD is a potent agent, but it probably isn’t a dangerous one. I say probably, because it’s hard to, as I say, make definite assertions about it, because it’s still a controlled substance, because of history and not necessarily science. Someday, health professionals will be able to recommend CBD products without the disclaimer that, “No, it’s not weed.” CBD occupies this interesting zone, because it’s more demonized than oxycodone—which is weird—and it does less to you than alcohol—which is, for some reason, not self-evident. It’s sort of like a commentary on human nature.

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